The Wind Will Blow The Suffocation Trapped Inside My Shadow [Poetry]

The Wind Will Blow The Suffocation Trapped Inside My Shadow [Poetry]

By Luz | blacklux | 25 Apr 2019


Over the top of the sea waves I drove my self away.
My soul will dance to the rhythm of the sky filled with grey.

The wind will blow the suffocation trapped inside my shadow
the laugh will run throught my veins, there's nothing cold or hollow.


The clouds will fall into pieces inside my overly caffeinated brain
A rain of colorful fishes will paint your blatant pain.

The beautiful and nice promiscuous flowers brings junkie bees
hot messy fake feelings are filled with fluffy pathetic fees.

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Hurricane Rider - Desserts Enthusiast - Anime An Asian Movies Lover - Make Laughs Not War!


Hurricane Rider - Dessert Enthusiast - Amateur Photographer - Anime And Asian Movies Lover - Weird Poet - Make Laughs Not War!

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