Big Quartz Stone At The Bay!

By Luz | blacklux | 8 May 2019


I was walking the other day at the bay when I saw a weird huge rock. When I got near I couldn't believe my eyes! It was a huge quartz stone!


The rock was big and heavy, I dare to say it weight like 100lbs or more and it was surrounded by all type of plants, ants and hermit crabs.


The enormous quartz was all carved, it was obvious people is going and taking chunks of it...


I didn't wanted to keep harming the quartz so I started to see if a nice piece of the crystal was near the place but no, all was too tiny. I have no idea of what type quartz is this one... some parts looks white other clear and other kind of yellow...


I was amazed of how beautiful the rock is and also the greed of people. I bet that stone was way more bigger but thanks to people soon it will disappear! Look how beautiful those tiny pieces of quartz looks mixed with sand, sea crystals, tiny hermit crabs and sea shells!


I left the place regretting not being able to found a nice piece of crystal to take home. Next time I go there I will see if I'm lucky enough to find a nice piece! I wonder if there's a geologist here that can she some light about what type of quartz is this.

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