Beginning 1.3

By Shierra | Black Twins | 12 Jun 2022

and finally I decided to save Sophia, what I was going to do first at that time felt very heavy and at that moment I thought about giving up but Sophia is my sister how I left her, I made the decision, after a long time I was pensive in a bar in a strange city that even I don't know I left to look for information, which I'm grateful for here the language is the same as the language in my world like diarab means Arabic and I can also speak Arabic, after I asked if anyone saw a woman who was 167 cm tall and dressed in red, long hair, yellow, blue eyes, was there who saw it, he was white, I shouted in the crowd of people passing by around the market area, I didn't give up even though I was also confused by my situation

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Black Twins
Black Twins

an older brother who saves his younger brother who is carried away by the flow of the second world where his new journey begins

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