A simple path to enter Crypto


By bitsavage | BitSavage | 14 Jan 2020



Simple Blockit


Welcome to sound savings and investment. This kit sole purpose is to point anyone in a starting direction. It is up to you to do more research and plot a successful path for yourself.


  1. A great Search browser to earn possibly better than Chrome app: http://bit.ly/2oiSxCz 


  1. Get started mobile mining daily: “minepi.com/bitsavage use (bitsavage) as your invitation code. Let’s see if a Stanford PHD. can compete with Bitcoin..


  1. Perfect “BTC Cash back” sites: You earn Bitcoin for any friends you invite - http://bit.ly/2LXb2W3 & http://bit.ly/31YEfFK you also can earn upto 30% cashback! 


  1. Earn up to $10k bringing friends here: http://bit.ly/2PhWvpX  “Multiple ASSETS!“


  1. What does a PAYPAL member know about payment systems? Claim your stake and find out here:  http://bit.ly/33Qh54X 


  1. *KEYBASE*: https://keybase.io/airdrop Get eligible for the monthly airdrop of 2 Billion LUMENS “$100million USD value split between all verified users!”


  1. Great home browser I recommend over Google: http://bit.ly/33hSzJu 


  1. Most should start here: http://bit.ly/2Stkz8R “You can earn Bitcoin when you join, refer others and Buy or Sell $100 of Bitcoin, Ether & Litecoin” *No limit*


  1. After you join this site There are a few simple quizzes that reward you in crypto: http://bit.ly/2SpYYyf Join here & here: http://bit.ly/2M439OQ You can earn over $100


  1. I like this platform because you can earn upto $500! - Join here https://etoro.tw/2mg5Fr0 Once you fund your account $50 you will get $50, and so on for 10 friends!


  1. The Third option is to join here: http://bit.ly/2m0aape “You can earn Bitcoin when you join, refer others and acquire $100 Bitcoin, Ether & Litecoin” *No Limit*


  1. For all my gamers: http://bit.ly/31yNBr0 Join this beta test. If you really want to go deeper, just contact me [email protected]


  1. Elixxir is a secure messaging Dapp created by the “Father of Electronic Cash”


  1. ***WANT To learn more about CryptoCurrency?*** Contact me: [email protected]

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