10 Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Free in 2020

Hello everyone, today you will learn 10 best ways to earn Bitcoin for free in 2020.

Are you a Bitcoin enthusiast and have been planning to own some Bitcoin in previous years but don’t have sufficient cash to invest in it? Or are you wary of Bitcoin’s volatile nature and don’t want to invest your hard-earned money in it?

You can earn some Bitcoin for free by following the ways slated in this video.

I know how hard it is to earn crypto or cash online especially when there are so many ways how to spend money. Almost everywhere you go, you are offered with some paid product or service and there is no guarantee it will pay off.

I know sometimes, especially as a novice, it’s difficult to get the right and genuine cryptocurrency agent to buy Bitcoin from. Many people have even fallen victim to scammers who pretend to be professional crypto traders.

In this article you will learn 10 popular ways to earn Bitcoin for free.



1: Bitcoin Mining

This is the first way to earn free Bitcoin in 2020. Just like printing paper money, you can use specialized hardware and software to solve complex mathematical problems and receive Bitcoin as a reward.
Mining Bitcoin requires hardware known as ASIC. Each ASIC miner is constructed to mine a specific digital currency technology.
You can mine altcoin using GPU power, in this case to get Bitcoin you will need to exchange the altcoin to Bitcoin.
There are also cloud mining services like, which will help you to mine Bitcoin without buying expensive gear.

2: Using Bitcoin Faucets

If you don’t want to spend your money on buying any mining gear, you can also earn Bitcoin freely through Bitcoin faucets.
All you need do is visit Bitcoin faucet websites or install Bitcoin faucet apps on your mobile device to start earning. Different faucets come with different tasks. You may be required to play games, answer captchas, spin a board, or answer short questions or surveys.
Keep in mind that the reward you get is pretty small.

3: Referral Program

Some Bitcoin related websites like Binance offer free Bitcoin through their Referral Program. All you have to do is register on the website to get your referral link, which you would send to friends. Then you and your friend get commission kickback when they trade Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.
In similar way Coinbase give you and your friend $10 bonus when your friend invests their first $100.

4: Running a Signature Campaign in BitcoinTalk Forum

If you have been an avid user of Bitcointalk forum, which was made by Satoshi Nakamoto. And you have achieved some authority from consistent posting, your subsequent posts on the Bitcointalk forum would have a sponsored signature and you’ll get paid by sponsors for every post you place on the forum.

5: Airdrops – Free Coins for Increasing Visibility

Some crypto projects distribute free coins to their holders in order to increase the coin’s visibility and help with marketing. This is called Airdropping. There are 2 types of airdrops, one is where you simply receive coins for holding. The second type of is when you complete small tasks, usually related to social media. So, in return for you boosting the project’s visibility, you get rewarded by receiving free coins, essentially creating a win-win situation. Airdrops may seem small at the beginning, but can increase in value. If the airdrop is from a company you believe in, it may be worth getting involved. You can see all the latest airdrops available in, some will require you to hold a specific coin or to join a certain website.

6: Earn bitcoin with Steemit and Publish0x

Steemit and Publish0x are social media sites, they are built on top of blockchain. You can earn rewards by blogging and curating. These are platform where writers and bloggers share their creative content and get a bonus in return with Steem, BAT or other coin. Steem processes more transactions than Bitcoin and Ethereum. The price of Steem is around 20 cents now, imagine if it will return to all-time highs when the price was around $8.

7: Writing Blogs and News about Bitcoin

If you have decent to great writing skill, this is an opportunity for you to earn free Bitcoin from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is apply to some cryptocurrency news sites like CCN, Blockchain Aliens, etc. and write for them.
Request your payment in Bitcoin and in no time, you would have some amounts of Bitcoin lying in your crypto wallet.

8: Requesting for Donations

Did you know that you can earn a Bitcoin instantly through a donation? You can request for donation by placing your wallet address and QR code on social media platforms.

9: Convert Your Gift Cards into Bitcoin

Maybe you are like a power online shopper or you’ve earned some gift cards? Here is an opportunity for you to earn free Bitcoin with your gift cards. There are several websites like CoinCola that enables you to trade your gift cards for Bitcoin.

10: Requesting for Bitcoin as Payment Means

Finally, you can get paid with Bitcoin. If you work for a company that can pay you with Bitcoin, you can request your salary or wages to be paid with Bitcoin.
If you want to earn a substantial amount of Bitcoin, you’ve got to be consistent and work smart.
For instance, consider how many times you’ve got to spend on faucets websites, which pays about 25 satoshis per action, to earn a good amount of Bitcoin.

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