Easy trading at Bitladon - it's so simple

Keeping it simple at Bitladon - Rookie trading

By nikkel5 | Bitnili | 22 Jul 2020

When I first started trading and buying crypto I had only heard some stories from a friend (biggest fomo ever to me) and really basic knowledge. But I really wanted in on the hype in the last months of 2017, so I almost spend all night trying to understand what trading was all about. And most important...how it worked. Scared shitless place my first orders, hoping not to make rookie mistakes. I'd guess that's something that'll sound quite familiar to most of you.

Years later I think I would have done it a lot different knowing what I know now. Of course the situation is totally different, but I'd wish I had a platform like Bitladon at that time. It has been in operation since June 2017 and quickly gained popularity in the countries in which it operates, due to their fast EURO deposits and withdrawals. Bitladon(here it's known as 'Bitcoinmeester') is an exchange registered in the Netherlands, and has it's headquarters in Aalsmeer. 

Cold storage

No difficult trading screens, just buy your crypto, make sure you use 2-factor authentication and if you want you can use their wallets. The coins at their wallets are safely stored on several hardware/offline wallets!!! 

Today I bought some Ethereum for comparison reasons. No charge for Ideal or SEPA payments!

payment on Bitladon

At the moment of buying I compared the prices of Bitladon with some other crypto brokers, but of course I can't compare it to every other website. 

For €25 I got:

  • 0.11657060 ETH on Bitladon
  • 0.11271562 ETH on Anycoindirect
  • 0.116308 ETH on Litebit
  • and on Binance, I only got 0.114 ETH.

So, as you can see, price wise they stand their ground in comparison to some of the competitors.



Other functions on Bitladon

Any to any coin

Actually the same as www.changelly.com. Change any coin to any coin, it couldn't be more simple. At Changelly you can also choose the crypto pair you’d like to exchange, with only a 0.25% service fee. I did notice Bitladon is a bit more expense in it's fee, but as you're already on their website, it's just a easy.

any to any coin


VIP program

This is also quite simple. More trading means more discount!

  • Loyal customers get rewarded with extra discount in prices.
  • Based on the trading volume of the last 30 days.
  • 'Any to any'-tool counts as well and will be calculated double!

vip or not


Their helpdesk is open between 09:00-17:00 (CET) on weekdays, but not during the weekend. Which is kind of disappointing when you're in trouble during your weekend. 

Supported languages
  • English
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Spanish, and
  • Polish

US citizens

Unfortenately, Bitladon is not open to citizens or residents from the United States of America. 


Bitladon currently has about 200 crypto you can buy. Go and check them out at www.bitladon.com


Happy trading! :-)




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