Democratizing the Sea Space: Interview with Panos Georgolios, Co-founder. 

By Marcus Patel | BitNews | 6 Jul 2022

The advent of DeFi – the ecosystem created around the decentralized blockchain fosters independence of capital distribution across various industries, regardless of the location on the globe. 

Nexum shaped its efforts on democratizing the capital access to the golden trio of trillion-dollar industries: Shipping, Oil and Maritime Services. Partnering with Singapore-based Nexum Foundation Ltd allowed Nexum to become the first player to present a solid technology alternative into capital acquisition for the key players in the Shipping and Oil Trading. 

Through Nexum traders can fund the shipping and oil industries without threatening the security of their investment. The central role in this plan is given to the use of blockchain technology: by endorsing Nexum utility token (NEXM) it becomes possible to unleash participatory power as well as to open the financial streams in the multitude of global currencies. Project’s community members in telegram called Nexum “the crypto of the sea”. 

Thanks to the blockchain-enabled features, all parties involved – traders and suppliers equally – will access an unparalleled data hub storing the precise record of all transactions that occurred within the ecosystem, which will also give the possibility to analyze and predict the next industry’s turn. 

Nexum watches the birth of a new era of more participation and autonomous organization in a decentralized by default industry. Eyeing the revolution that already takes place on the vast sea spaces, I approached the CEO, Panos Georgolios, to speak more about the project. 

   1. What is the vision of Nexum, and what role does it perform as a part of the global blockchain transformation?

The vision of Nexum is to be the cryptocurrency that moves the sea, which means to allow independent individuals, private funds and institutional funds to participate in the financing of shipping starting from the same point and being equally treated. We aim to provide access to affordable, efficient and immediate funding to all players of the shipping industry, allowing them to focus on their roles. Nexum is not here to abolish the banking system but together, with the DeFi help, traditional bankers endorse a new high-tech, fast, and efficient way of capital allocation and management making it fairer and more productive for all participants. 

   2. How did Nexum manage to become a pioneer in the marine industry transformation?

Nexum has been in the game since 2011, but incorporated as a tech business in 2019, following the successful release of the first version of the Nexum Platform. It was the first platform to allow bunker fuel traders to request and receive working capital for their bunker trades. Step by step we managed to increase the number of industry participants both quantitatively and qualitatively.  

   3. NEXM token – how does it seem to be different from the majority of cryptocurrency alternatives inflowing the market?

To answer this question, it is important to underline that before creating NEXM utility token, we spent years developing and improving the technology itself - Nexum Platform. The platform provides a real-time solution to a problem in the multi-billion Shipping & Oil industry. The token itself is backed by the Platform that, in turn, draws a line between meme coin, NFTs, other “hot” projects and the ones that have a solution for something without having an existing ecosystem for it. We did the other way around - ecosystem first, utility token second. 

   4. From your perspective, how has DeFi shaped the future of the Maritime industry?

There is a real revolution happening in the maritime industry today, and DeFi combined with smart-contracts are the fuel of this change. The technology is allowing to bridge a multibillion maritime industry with the elements that have been missing for decades: decentralized and accurate data, immediate cross-border payments, most efficient tools for communication among ecosystem players and many others. Regardless of the size & shape of the maritime, the change is happening with only few understanding it. We believe DeFi is here to stay. 

   5. What milestones did you achieve within the last 3 months?  

For the last 3 months, we have been focused on transforming Nexum into one of the most sophisticated blockchain organizations. This included taking Nexum from a simple ERC20 smart contract to a multichain including BSC, POLYGON, and AVALANCHE chains. Furthermore, we are completing Defi protocol integrations to allow NEXUM Foundation to direct more capital in better terms from the pools of the DeFi. 

The rest we can’t disclose yet, however, the truth is that Nexum has evolved significantly within the last months. We understand the frustration caused by bearish market sentiment, FUD, panic sales of crypto assets, it is hard. Nexum Team has never stopped working on the project: we keep developing the tech and signing partnerships behind the scenes, and so we will continue. 

   6. What milestones did you achieve within the last 3 months?  

Nexum is at the beginning of its long journey to become the cryptocurrency that moves the sea. More and more stellar organizations and blue chips of the maritime industry approach Nexum and express strong desire to collaborate with us and convert into Nexum ecosystem: we see growth in both quantitative and qualitative ways. 

One of the most impressive parts of such growth is the global reach of NEXM as we are approached by important players of Oil, Shipping and Maritime market from Europe, USA, Africa, Asia and Australia. 

Are we planning to get more listings in the future? Absolutely, the team is carefully designing the roadmap for the future listings to the big crypto markets as we are steadily moving towards mass adoption. 


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