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Solidus is a Platform That Builds Efficient And Eco-friendly Data Centers For The European Market

By | CryptoGeeks | 25 Oct 2021


As we know, High Powered Computing (HPC) is a supercomputer containing thousands of compute nodes that work together to help users complete various tasks more quickly and efficiently. HPC is like a machine consisting of thousands of PCs connected to a network that coordinates its power to be able to complete tasks faster. Today many organizations and companies need HPC in their organization or company, especially for companies HPC plays an important role in completing various tasks more efficiently and quickly, therefore most companies today use HPC to complete various tasks in their company.

In modern times like today, the need for HPC is increasing, this is due to various factors. And to respond to the HPC market, Solidus was launched to become a platform that will build an Eco-Friendly High Powered Computing (HPC) Data Center & an Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) platform, where individuals or businesses can get computing services. power more easily and affordably.


HPC Data Center

Most organizations and companies today need computing power for their complex needs, where this high computer power can complete their tasks more quickly. Today there are various service providers that provide computing power to individual users and businesses, which users can get easily online. Later users can use this computing power for their various needs through the interface provided by the provider. Seeing the increasing demand for computing power, Solidus is moved to become a platform that will build one of Europe's largest eco-friendly HPC data centres. Solidus provides a High Powered Computing (HPC) Data Center & an Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) platform where everyone can access and buy it easily using the AITECH token which is Solidus' native token.

Solidus not only builds an HPC and Infrastructure-As-A-Service data centre but a computation network that was created to be able to distribute computing power to individuals or organizations more efficiently. Solidus has a focus on being able to build a platform that is supported by using artificial intelligence technology, which will make the process run more efficiently. AI technology can also allow the creation of a more modern ecosystem that can complete various tasks better than without using AI technology.


Solidus Features

Solidus is a platform that aims to build an eco-friendly and efficient HPC data centre. With the features offered by Solidus, it enable users to get computing power more efficiently and quickly by using AITECH tokens. Especially those who are companies that are working on complex AI projects requiring high computing power, Solidus is the right solution. But that's not all, there are several other features of Solidus:

  • Enterprise Blockchain Solution: the solution offered by Solidus, allows public sector organizations to be able to get the right blockchain solution for their organization. Solidus builds a blockchain operating system that provides various blockchain features that organizations need such as smart contracts, asset management solutions, etc.
  • Security: security is a top priority in a technology platform, therefore Solidus is committed to providing users with a high-security service that protects all user data and does not allow hacking or other problems.
  • AI Tech: electrolysis activists are the future so to respond to this, Solidus has a design to be able to build a platform that provides various features such as AI GPU data centres and others.



The Solidus platform allows users to get computing power more affordable and easy by using AITECH tokens. AITECH token is a token that will connect Solidus with users and has various functions such as payments or investments. With AITECH tokens users can get computing power more quickly and easily, users do not choose products that suit their needs and can directly pay for it with their AITECH tokens. This is the easiest and most secure way to get computing power using cryptocurrency.


To conclude

High powered computing is a service that is needed by organizations and businesses today to be able to complete their various tasks more efficiently and quickly. With the help of HPC, organizations and businesses can achieve their goals faster and better. And Solidus is here as a platform that aims to be able to build an eco-friendly high powered computing (HPC) data centre & an infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) platform, where individuals and can get computing power more affordable and easy. . Solidus will build an efficient and eco-friendly HPC data centre and IaaS, where users can get services using their AITECH tokens. Solidus is the right solution for organizations or businesses that need high computing power for their various tasks. With Solidus, users will be able to get more efficient and affordable computing power. Solidus aims to become one of the largest HPC data centres in Europe and Solidus is confident that it can achieve that.


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