SaFu Network is a DeFi Platform with Charity Program

By CryptoGeeks | CryptoGeeks | 5 May 2021


Now is the era of financial freedom where people can transact more safely and quickly without any intervention from unauthorized parties. Fortunately, we were introduced to cryptocurrency, which is a digital asset that will change how the financial system should work in the future. Cryptocurrencies offer financial freedom that cannot be found on banking platforms. Cryptocurrency allows people to make transactions faster, safer, without third parties, and anonymously. Especially at this time, the cryptocurrency market has developed into a more complex financial ecosystem, which allows people to be able to trade, borrow money with collateral, lend money to others at interest, etc.

Talking about a decentralized financial system, maybe you will be interested in SaFu Network, a decentralized finance project platform with an integrated charity program, which allows users to access various innovative, modern, and profitable financial features, such as transparent loans, insurance contracts, pooled investments, and so forth.


Welcome to SaFu Network

Financial freedom is something people have been dreaming of for a long time. The cryptocurrency was first introduced to achieve this dream, as a payment system that is fair, transparent, safe, and affordable for everyone. Neither party controls or regulates the circulation of cryptocurrencies, they are all circulating and available to anyone in the world. SaFu Network is a platform that provides financial freedom for everyone. SaFu Network is a decentralized financial platform with an integrated charity program that provides a variety of innovative and secure financial solutions. At SaFu Network, everyone can access financial services that are beneficial to them, such as liquidity or stake. SaFu Network makes it possible to convert inefficient money into efficient money but in a safe way.

Not only as a financial platform but also as a charity platform that will allocate a certain amount of money to fight against poverty and help a vulnerable class of people to survive. SaFu Network will allocate 2% of Safu Network's profit to charity programs so that when users use Safu Network, they will indirectly participate in charity programs to fight poverty and help those in need.


SaFu Network Features

SaFu Network is a platform that provides innovative and secure financial solutions for everyone. SaFu Network offers financial freedom for users who want financial freedom but in a safe way. Integrated with charity programs, allows the SaFu Network to be able to help fight poverty and help anyone in need. On SaFu Network users can have a digital wallet (SafuWallet) with a very high Speed ​​in transactions with payment freedom. SafuWallet and SafuPay provide freedom of payment, transparency, high security, and low transaction fees, to all users. But that's all, there are still some other features that SaFu Network has:

  • Dex: SaFu Network provides a decentralized exchange platform that allows users to trade freely and safely.

  • Swap: Users can exchange their tokens for other digital assets via the swap platform.

  • Liquidity: Users can participate in providing liquidity and get rewards in the form of tokens for their participation.

  • Pool: SaFu Network provides pools that allow users to participate and get rewards in the form of tokens.

  • Charity: SaFu Network will allocate 2% of the profits to charities to fight poverty and help people in need.

  • Dice game: The user can participate in the dice game and if they are lucky, the user can get the jackpot.


SAFU Token

SaFu Network launches a native token called SAFU Token and functions as a utility token. SAFU token was launched based on Binance BEP-20 with a total supply of 15,000 SAFU. By owning the SAFU token, users can get various benefits. If interested, users can buy SAFU tokens through exchanges such as BankCEX or other exchanges supported by the SaFu Network.


To conclude

The cryptocurrency was created by Satoshi Nakamoto to become a rival to the current financial system, which is centralized and prone to manipulation. With cryptocurrency, we can achieve the financial freedom that many people dream of. And SaFu Network exists as a platform that provides innovative and modern financial solutions to users globally. SaFu Network is not only a financial platform but also a financial platform integrated with charity programs to help fight poverty and help people in need. SaFu Network is having the world's safest cryptocurrency and fiat-compatible wallet with all DeFi features available to users globally.


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