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ITSMYNE is a Social-plus Marketplace for Sports NFTs

By | CryptoGeeks | 26 Oct 2021



Maybe most of you already know what NFT is. NFT is today's innovative protocol that allows content creators to be able to launch their digital content on blockchain technology. With the NFT protocol, it is possible for digital content from users to be traded more easily and securely. Users don't have to worry about ownership of their digital content because the NFT protocol is a proven protocol that secures ownership of assets, which does not allow manipulation or hacking of assets.

With the increasing adoption of the NFT protocol, this sector has more potential in the future. Therefore ITSMYNE was launched to become an NFTs marketplace that will facilitate user trading. ITSMYNE focuses on officially licensed sports NFTs that allow content creators to profit from NFTs. Later fans or collectors can buy NFT tokens immediately, even in just 2 minutes easily without the need for experience.


Sports NFT

There are many content creators out there who every day publish digital content related to sports. They launch this digital content on various digital platforms to earn money. Nowadays content creators are increasingly being facilitated to be able to launch their digital content with the help of the NFT protocol. The NFT protocol, allows these content creators to be able to launch their NFT tokens and trade them more easily. With the NFT protocol, users can not only trade their digital content more easily, but they can also secure their ownership of the digital content, preventing hacking or other problems. And to facilitate the trading of sports-related NFT tokens, ITSMYNE was launched to become a marketplace and social media for sports lovers. Later with ITSMYNE, users can buy & sell, brag, gossip, comment, and share, easily and securely through a user-friendly interface without the need for a crypto experience.

Users don't need to worry about the NFT tokens they buy from ITSMYNE, because all NFT tokens on ITSMYNE are officially licensed sports NFTs, which means the NFT tokens owned by the user are original and official, not duplicates or launched without the permission of the related party.


ITSMYNE Features

ITSMYNE is a marketplace and social platform that allows sports fans to gather and trade officially licensed sports NFTs. The features offered by ITSMYNE enable users to buy & sell, brag, gossip, comment and share various interesting content or NFT tokens. This allows sports fans from all over the world to come together and have fun together. But that's not all, there are several other features of ITSMYNE:

  • Mint Condition: NFT collectables obtained by users are NFT tokens from trusted and authentic sources, so users don't have to worry about the NFT collectables they have.
  • Green: ITSMYNE uses the NEAR blockchain which uses far less resources than Ethereum-based NFTs.
  • White-glove Service: every team, brand, athlete, and club chosen by ITSMYNE will get a service that they can personalize according to their wishes.
  • Flexible: ITSMYNE will not charge fees for minting so that influencers can launch NFT tokens at a more affordable price.
  • Fractional Ownership: This is an advantage of ITSMYNE because you and your friends or other fans can have fractional ownership for high-value NFTs.
  • Exclusive Access: users can get exclusive access using ITSMYNE, such as special tickets, virtual and in-person with athletes, and many others.



The ITSMYNE platform allows users to easily get ITSMYNE native tokens for their various needs. These coins, known as the MYNE token is a way to get involved in participation, treasury, payments and governance. Users who own MYNE tokens have the advantage of being able to participate in governance or they can stake their MYNE tokens for passive income, or various other things. This is a native token that will support the operation and development of the ITSMYNE platform in the future.



To be able to make the development of ITSMYNE in the future run smoother and better, the team collaborates with various partners such as Long Hash Ventures, Protocol Labs, Near, Black Dragon, and many other parties. With the help of these various parties, ITSMYNE is confident that in the future the operations and development of ITSMYNE will not be hampered and will increase because of the professionalism and support they show to ITSMYNE.


To conclude

The NFT protocol is perfect for securing digital content. The NFT protocol, allows content creators to be able to launch their digital content with the blockchain and allows them to be able to trade their NFT tokens with a wider market. In the future, if you look at the trend, the NFT protocol will be increasingly used by individuals or platforms around the world. And ITSMYNE is here as a social-plus marketplace where users can buy & sell, brag, gossip, comment, and share content or sports NFTs. ITSMYNE will make it easier for users, especially sports fans, to be able to get officially licensed sports NFTs more easily and quickly without the need for experience or anything else. And not only that, ITSMYNE users, can also enjoy various features such as staking, participating in governance, or getting exclusive access, and many other benefits. ITSMYNE has a goal to become a marketplace and at the same time a social platform that can unite sports fans around the world.


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BTT Profile:;u=3121416
Telegram: @bitloca

BSC: 0xBFf3EE14a056515A926892803f56Eb6BEdEAEA20

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