Fanadise is an Exclusive Content Subscription Platform Made for NFT's

By CryptoGeeks | CryptoGeeks | 4 May 2021


In recent months, the financial decentralization sector is one of the sectors that has had a significant development in the cryptocurrency market. Decentralized finance offers financial solutions that have never been offered by traditional financial platforms. Many of the DeFi platforms currently operating also provide an NFT marketplace that allows users to trade NFT tokens. For those of you who don't know, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic tokens that are not backed by digital assets and can store information and are representative of something, such as artwork, digital items, etc. DeFi and NFT are a great combination.

Talking about DeFi and NFTs, maybe you will be interested in Fanadise, which is an exclusive content subscription platform made for NFTs. With Fanadise, users can collect, stake, buy and sell NFT Moments from their favorite influencers. And allows influencers to have a website and launch their subscription or limited NFTs.


New Dimensions of Social Entertainment

Nowadays many people prefer to use the OnlyFans platform to enjoy content from their favorite influencers. By using OnlyFans, users can get content that is only specifically for subscribers, and influencers can get money from the content they publish for subscribers. However OnlyFans has limited features for users and influencers, for example, OnlyFans does not have dedicated domains, subscription levels, or NFTs. Though these features are very helpful for users and influencers. This is what concerns Fanadise, the exclusive content subscription platform made for NFT's and revolutionizing social media and in the way people perceive the value of digital assets and social-based status. In Fanadise, users can collect, stake, buy and sell NFT tokens from their favorite influencers. And it allows influencers to integrate Fanadise into their websites, so they can launch websites with Fanadise's innovative features, such as subscription levels, NFTs, eCommerce, etc.

Fanadise also designed a gamified NFT system that allows users to be able to staking, merging, and collecting the influencer cards. For example, users can upgrade their NFTs to a higher level by collecting enough NFTs and upgrading their NFTs at the same time. With an idea like this, it will increase the value of low-level NFTs.


Fanadise Features

Fanadise is a platform that allows people to collect, stake, buy and sell NFT moments from influencers and allow influencers to monetize their content more innovatively. Fanadise is a newly discovered dimension of social entertainment, connecting influencers with NFTs and empowering them with innovative features. At Fanadise, influencers can monetize their content and get paid well for their efforts. Influencers can publish premium content that only their subscribers can access. But that's not all, there are still some other features of Fanadise:

  • NFT and subscription incentives for the creators: Every time a user subscribes to their favorite influencers, the user will get a special pack of Moments from the influencers. Subscription means NFTs. The higher the subscription level, the user can get special moments according to their level.

  • Resell moments of favorite creators: Users will have better moments the longer they subscribe and the higher their level. Later users can collect NFTs or sell them on the marketplace.

  • Staking: Users can stake $ FAN to get more NFTs. By staking, users will also get other benefits such as taking part in the daily lottery, getting discounts, participating in liquidity pools, etc.


FAN Token

Fanadise launched a native token called FAN token which has a function as a utility token and as a fuel to support the operation of the platform. FAN tokens are launched based on Binance BEP-20. Users can stake FAN tokens to get various benefits, such as rewards, discounts, better moments, etc. Users can get FAN tokens through a public sale that Fanadise will hold on their website.


To conclude

Currently, the famous subscription-based platform is OnlyFans. On this platform, users can subscribe to their favorite influencers and get content that can only be obtained by being a subscriber. And it also allows influencers to monetize their content and launch their subscription programs. However, OnlyFans has limited and outdated features. And Fanadise is here as an exclusive content subscription platform made for NFT's. In Fanadise, users can collect, stake, buy and sell NFT Moments from their favorite influencers. And it allows influencers to integrate Fanadise into their website and provide Fanadise with innovative features such as subscription levels, NFT, eCommerce, tips and donations, etc. Fanadise is the face of social media in the next 10 years.


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