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Grimes who is the wife of Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world, has managed to sell NFTs for millions of dollars. This makes many people wonder, because who would have thought digital art could be sold for millions of dollars? especially through blockchain technology. But what exactly are NFTs? NFTs stands for Non-fungible tokens, which are unique tokens that cannot be replaced and cannot be traded like cryptocurrencies in general. NFTs tokens can store information about the owner, or otherwise, and can represent items such as photos, videos, audio, or other digital assets. Nowadays, many artists are starting to publish their work with NFTs tokens.

Seeing the potential development of the NFTs market, Dexus Art is here as a platform that will select promising artists to get their work and certify it in the form of NFTs tokens and store it in Vault. Dexus Art aims to promote the digital transformation of the art market and artists' practices.



We Select Awesome NFTs

Now many platforms have the goal of promoting digital art in the form of NFT tokens, for example, Rarible is a platform where users can create, sell or get digital items secured by blockchain technology. However, almost the same as Rarible, Dexus Art also has the goal of promoting digital works through NFTs tokens, but what distinguishes it is that Dexus Art will select artists who are considered to have potential and get their work, then certify them in the form of NFT tokens and then store them safely in Vault.

Dexus Art is a dedicated team of artists whose aim is to promote the digital transformation of the art market and artists' practices. At Dexus Art, users can find various features which can help them promote their digital works or find digital works that match their interests. Dexus Art will carefully select awesome NFTs so that users can get really good digital artwork.



Dexus Art Features

Dexus Art is a platform that will promote digital art from potential artists. At Dexus Art users will find various features that can help them promote their work or get the best digital artwork, for example, Exhibitions, here users can choose epic and beautiful NFTs that have been collected by Dexus Art from various promising artists. But not only that, there are still various other features provided by Dexus Art. The following are the features of Dexus Art:

  • Ecosystem: Dexus Art was founded by a dedicated team of artists whose goal is to promote digital art from promising artists and to create an ecosystem that supports the growth of the NFTs token.

  • Certified NFTs: Dexus Art's art curators will select the artwork from the promising artist and then certify it to protect legality and copyright.

  • Art Vault: Dexus Art will store certified digital artwork in a secure vault.

  • Mining: Users can get rewards in the form of Dexus Art tokens if they participate in the Uniswap platform.

  • Governance: Dexus Art token holders have voting rights in the Dexus Art ecosystem. Their voting rights will apply to sell / but specific artwork set the DAVT pool reward rate, etc.



DAVT Token

DAVT Token is a native token of the Dexus Art platform which has a role as token governance. As a DAVT token holder, users have voting rights for various things such as sell / but specif artworks, add/remove incentives contracts for DAVT, set the DAVT pool reward rate, change DAVT allocations, and upgrade other contracts. The plan is for DAVT to be distributed to teams, communities and investors.



To conclude

NFT is one of the sectors whose development has been quite significant in recent months. According to CMC, currently, the NFT market has a capitalization of 27 billion dollars and will continue to grow in the future. And Dexus Art is a platform that focuses on this potential market by becoming a platform that will promote the digital transformation of the art market and artists' practices. Dexus Art will be the NFT art vault which will benefit artists and NFTs digital art collectors.


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