Democratizing Infrastructure Management with Whole Earth Foundation

By CryptoGeeks | CryptoGeeks | 9 May 2021


The rapid development of infrastructure is a sign that a country has entered a developing economic stage or can already be said to be a developed country. Infrastructure development is carried out by the government or with the assistance of domestic or foreign investors. With the development of various infrastructures, people's needs can be met and can advance the economy of a country. Currently, many developed and developing countries in the world are experiencing developments in terms of infrastructure in their regions. However, if we look closely, it is wrong to build infrastructure without providing information about the management of infrastructure assets. Because there will be various problems that will be caused, for example, the facilities are not well maintained and managed.

Good infrastructure management can extend the life of buildings, as offered by the Whole Earth Foundation, which is a platform that aims to democratize infrastructure management by making information about the status of the infrastructure more accessible and visible to the general public. With Whole Earth Foundation, users can access, collect and contribute data to the platform and earn token rewards for their contribution.


Democratize Infrastructur Management

Can you imagine the building you live in right now is not properly maintained and managed by the building manager? What will happen? Certainly, many facilities are damaged and neglected, which will affect the buildings and residents in them. Surely you don't want to be in a building like this. This is the problem the Whole Earth Foundation aims to address, the platform that aims to democratize infrastructure management by making information about the status of the infrastructure more accessible and visible to the general public.

What the Whole Earth Foundation wants to achieve is a platform where users can access, collect, and contribute data that can help improve infrastructure. At Whole Earth Foundation, users can use the application to be able to report and share conditions regarding local infrastructure to the community or collaborate with service providers to create a smart infrastructure.

Every user participation will be appreciated. Users will receive WEF tokens as a token of appreciation for their participation. Users can exchange these tokens on supported exchanges to get dollars.


Whole Earth Foundation Features

Whole Earth Foundation is a platform that aims to democratize infrastructure management which allows communities and service providers to collaborate and support each other to create sound and smart infrastructure management. Everyone can access, collect, and contribute to the database that has been provided. The community and service providers can use this database for various purposes. Every time a user contributes to the database, they will get a WEF token. How many tokens a user will get will be related to the number of contributions they make, the more the better. But that's not all, there are a few other features of the Whole Earth Foundation:

  • Smart infrastructure: Users can collaborate with communities or service providers to be able to build smart and sustainable infrastructure.

  • Balanced information: With the presence of the Whole Earth Foundation, it is possible to provide more equitable information to service providers and citizens.

  • Tools: Users can access platform tools to build and utilize the environmental database. Everyone can access this platform easily through their device.


WEC Token

The Whole Earth Foundation launched a native token under the name WEC which has a role as a utility and governance token. Whole Earth Foundation launches a WEC token based on Ethereum ERC-20. Users can get these tokens for every contribution they make to the database or buy them through the Coinsbit or Probit exchange platforms.


To conclude

Infrastructure that is well maintained and managed will be able to extend the life of the building or facility, make residents or users feel comfortable and not worry about the buildings or facilities they use. And the Whole Earth Foundation is here as a platform that has the goal of democratizing infrastructure management by making information about the status of the infrastructure available to everyone. Everyone can access, collect, and contribute to the database. Contributors will get rewards for their participation in the form of tokens that they can exchange. The community and service providers can collaborate in creating good and sustainable infrastructure. All of this can be achieved with the Whole Earth Foundation.


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