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Non-fungible tokens are digital assets based on blockchain technology that can represent digital content, artwork, and more. NFT tokens cannot be traded like cryptocurrencies in general, but users can trade NFT tokens on the marketplace provided. With the development of the DeFi sector, the NFT market is also growing. Especially when Grimes, the wife of one of the richest people in the world Elon Musk, managed to sell her NFT token worth $ 6 million, further increasing the popularity of the NFT market around the world.

The NFT market is increasingly popular among artists and crypto-enthusiasts, seeing this, Tiara is here as a marketplace where users can mint, sell, and create collectibles tokens. Tiara is an open-source marketplace for users to create and display their artwork or purchase items with Ethereum or TTI tokens. With Tiara, artists can get Intellectual property rights and trade their digital items at a low cost.


Create or Collet Digital Items with Tiara

Nowadays it is no longer difficult for people to be able to secure ownership or sell their works of art. Especially since there is an NFT platform, people can secure their artwork in the form of NFT tokens which are secured by blockchain technology. This token will later store information, such as the name of the owner, the date it was created, etc. Later these tokens can be traded on a marketplace that supports NFTs tokens and artists can get cryptocurrency which can be exchanged on the exchange platform. Seeing the growing trend of NFTs in the market, Tiara wants to present a marketplace where users can mint, sell, and create collectibles tokens. Tiara is an NFT marketplace that is available and accessible to everyone. Here users can trade NFT tokens with almost negligible costs.

Tiara intends to present an NFT marketplace that enables users to trade easily through a user-friendly interface and a responsive and reliable platform supported by the Binance Smart Chain.


Platform Features

Tiara is an open marketplace for NFT tokens that allow users to trade NFTs tokens easily and safely. At Tiara, users can mint, sell, and create collectibles tokens easily through a user-friendly and responsive platform. Users, especially artists, don't need to worry about the security and transparency of the Tiara platform, because Tiara is built on the BSC platform, which is the best chain on the market today. But not only that, there are still several other features of Tiara:

  • Non-Fungible Tokens: Now this is the trend of NFT, and with Tiara, we can keep up with this trend, and bring ownership to the Internet.

  • Airdrop: The plan is that Tiara will distribute 5% of the total TTI supply to all participants.

  • Royalty system: Tiara has a mechanism that makes it easy for users to be able to set a certain percentage as royalty for secondary sales.

  • TTI token owners: By becoming a TTI token owner, users will have the right to be able to access various features on the Tiara platform.

  • Token value: Tiara is committed to presenting a healthy ecosystem where allows companies or individuals to get the same opportunity without any third-party intervention.


TTI Token

Tiara launched a native token called TTI token which functions as a utility token and governance. Tiara launched a TTI token based on Binance BEP-20 with a supply of 80,000,000 TTI tokens. By owning a TTI token, users will get several benefits such as getting access to various features in the Tiara ecosystem, buying and selling NFTs products, participating in governance, etc. Users can get TTI tokens through the ICO organized by Tiara.


To conclude

The NFT market is growing as more and more people start to adopt cryptocurrency and benefit from the presence of cryptocurrency. NFT tokens make it easier for people to be able to secure ownership of works of art in the form of tokens that can be traded easily and safely through a decentralized marketplace. And Tiara is here as a platform that makes it easy for users to be able to users mint, sell, and create collectibles tokens. Through a user-friendly and responsive interface that is supported by BSC, it allows users to trade safely, quickly, and with almost negligible costs.


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