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Columbus Token is a DeFi Platform for Global Crypto Users

By | CryptoGeeks | 3 Nov 2021


Columbus is an Italian national who is an explorer and navigator who managed to find America and colonize it. Because of his success in discovering the American continent, until now his name is remembered around the world as a famous explorer and navigator. But now we will not discuss too long about who Columbus was and what he did, but we will discuss tokens related to Columbus, more precisely this is the Columbus token.

The Columbus token is a token launched on the Binance Smart Chain and provides various decentralized financial features such as AAM Exchange, DEX Aggregator, Yield Farm and NFT Marketplace. Columbus is more than just a token, it is an ecosystem in which there are multiple platforms that will cater to the various crypto needs of users directly from one platform. It is a crypto platform launched specifically for users globally.


DeFi Platform

The DeFi protocol is one of the most innovative developments in the crypto market in recent years. With the DeFi protocol, global crypto users can get access to decentralized financial services which are better than the banking system. The existence of the DeFi protocol allows users to be able to exchange their crypto faster, earn passive income, and many other benefits offered by this protocol. Due to the increasing adoption of the DeFi protocol globally, the Columbus token was launched to become a token and at the same time an ecosystem that will redefine decentralized finance globally. Columbus token will provide various features that will meet various user needs such as AAM Exchange, DEX Aggregator, Yield Farm, and NFT Marketplace, where all these features can be accessed by users directly from one platform.

By launching on the Binance Smart Chain, the Columbus token will be able to maximize the DeFi protocol and provide users with an ecosystem that can accommodate a variety of user needs. Because BSC is one of the best chains today and has proven reliable in supporting the DeFi protocol in the crypto market.


Columbus Token Features

The Columbus Token is both a token and an ecosystem that will redefine decentralized finance. The features offered by Columbus Token enable users to gain access to a reliable DEX platform which facilitates fast and secure user exchange just like other popular DEX platforms. But that's not all, there are several other features of the Columbus Token:

  • Liquidity Mining: this is a feature that makes it easy for users to participate in adding liquidity to the available pairs and earn passive income from it. Users can also add their own token pair.
  • DEX Aggregation: DEX aggregation platform that makes it easy for users to find the best value for their trades from various DEX platforms.
  • Sailor Farms: users can earn passive income by participating in providing liquidity to Columbus Tokens or other pairs. And they can also stake Pancakeswap LP on this farm platform to get higher yields.
  • NFT Marketplace NFT marketplace launched to accommodate various user needs related to NFT such as NFT collections, user-generated NFTs, etc.



The Columbus platform allows users to easily get these tokens through any supported exchange platform. Columbus token is a utility token that can be used by users for transactions, staking, or investment. Later users can use this token for various things, especially when users stake this token, they will get passive income with a fairly high yield. This is a token that will provide profits to its holders.


To conclude

The DeFi protocol is a protocol that is widely adopted by crypto platforms today. By adopting this protocol, it is possible for the platform to be able to present a token that benefits its participants. And Columbus Token is present as a token and at the same time an ecosystem that will provide various benefits to its users. Columbus Token provides various features needed by users such as AAM Exchange, DEX Aggregator, Yield Farm, and NFT marketplace where these features can be accessed by users easily through a user-friendly interface. Users can use these various features for their various needs easily without any problems. Columbus Token has the vision to become a token and at the same time a crypto ecosystem that can meet various needs and provide profits for global crypto users.


Connect with Columbus Token



BTT Username: Bitloca
BTT Profile:;u=3121416
Telegram: @bitloca

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