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In recent times, the public has been amazed by the sale of NFT's assets for $ 69 million at Christie's. This made the public wonder what NFT is all about. Broadly speaking, NFTs are non-exchangeable tokens, in contrast to other crypto tokens that can be traded, NFTs cannot be traded. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique files based on blockchain and capable of storing ownership information of a work of digital art. Currently, many platforms are starting to adopt NFT tokens on their platforms.

Metacity is one of the platforms that adopts the NFT token. Metacity is a blockchain-based First Person Shooter with support for NFT. Metacity provides a game where users can play action games and adventure to various districts in the game and build their own base. It is a gaming platform that allows users to play and earn tokens presented by Citizen Finance.


Welcome to Metacity

Try to imagine when you play a game but you can get rewards in the form of NFT tokens that you can use to stake in a decentralized pool? This is what Metacity offers, a blockchain-based First Person Shooter with support for NFT, which allows you to play and earn rewards at the same time. Metacity is the same as other action games, where users can adventure in several districts in the game and build their own base. But what makes Metacity special is that it allows users to get rewards in the form of NFT tokens when they play the game.

NFT tokens are not only a reward for players, but NFT tokens are in-game assets that offer users full ownership of in-game assets. Users can sell these in-game assets to other players, or turn these in-game assets into gifts. it or use it as collateral.

Citizen Finance is the platform behind Metacity. Citizen Finance is an introduction to GameFi and true ownership of in-game assets. Which will connect the traditional gaming world with the blockchain world - where users can trade their in-game assets, stake them, resell them, gift them or simply use it as collateral.


Citizen Finance Features

Citizen Finance through Metacity will connect the game world and blockchain, which allows players to trade their in-game assets with other users or stake their in-game assets and get rewards in the form of CIFI tokens which they can exchange on exchanges. But not only that, there are still several other platforms provided by Citizen Finance that allow users to maximize their profit on the crypto market. The following are features of Citizen Finance:

  • Santa Fe: This is a decentralized staking and lending protocol platform with in-game assets that allows players to stake their in-game assets or use them as collateral.

  • CifiPowa: This is a platform that allows artists to mint digital artwork into nft-based art. On this platform, artists can also trade their nft-based art on marketplace services.

  • CifiPowa X: This is augmented reality and virtual reality platform that offers an amazing experience to nft-based artwork. On this platform users can take pictures, making videos, art exhibitions, immersive sales, and others.


Ciphi Token

Ciphi is a token launched by the Citizen Finance platform which will be a payment on the platform or a third party. Ciphi tokens can only be obtained through staking and liquidity mining. Citizen Finance will launch 500,000 Ciphi tokens. The following are details of the Ciphi Token:

Symbol: CIFI
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Decimal: 18
Type: Utility and Governance
Supply: 500,000


To conclude

NFT or non-fungible tokens are non-exchangeable tokens meaning they cannot be traded on an exchange. Currently, many platforms are adopting NFT tokens and turning them into digital assets that can store information securely. Citizen Finance through Metacity is a platform that allows people to play games and earn rewards for NFT tokens that can be staked or used as collateral. Citizen Finance not only provides a gaming platform, but also several other platforms such as Santa Fe, CifiPowa, CifiPowa X, Dividend, etc. Citizen Finance brings a new concept for in-game assets using blockchain technology

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Telegram: @bitloca

BSC: 0xBFf3EE14a056515A926892803f56Eb6BEdEAEA20

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