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If you really want to follow the money

By OgFOMK | Bitgnostic | 12 Jul 2020

I was inspired by an article my cousin posted on Facebook regarding tax cheats. I'm re-posting my response.    If you really want to follow the money, read this by Robert Breedlove (Below).  Taxes are just 1 side of the coin. The other is the money itself.  

  1.  #USD The US Dollar is the unit we have to pay our taxes in. 
  2. USD is the reserve currency of all other world currencies so you need it to purchase most goods but especially Oil, food, water, raw materials and labor. 
  3. USD is manufactured (issued #Fiat ) by the Federal Reserve who are NOT a government branch.  They are a private organization of banks who create unlimited USD which is given to large failing corporations and governments as loans and bailouts that are NEVER paid back. 
  4. Inflation is created when a limited supply of USD is increased.  When the FED issued 2 trillion extra dollars this year it devalued the USD everyone who worked for it head.  This is an invisible tax. 
  5. The USD is not pegged to gold,  silver,  precious metals or anything.  In 1971 President Nixon removed this connection. 
  6. The majority of taxes are paid by working people. We will be taxed as slaves.  Unlimited dollar creation devalues the debts we already have thus investing a debt from billions to trillions.  Impossible to ever pay back but taxpayers are responsible for creating the labor to back those debts. 

  Robert Breedlove: Masters and Slaves of Money on Medium.   

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