Cash App -- The Best On-Ramp to Bitcoin Investing!
Cash App -- The Best On-Ramp to Bitcoin Investing!

Cash App -- The Best On-Ramp to Bitcoin Investing!

By OgFOMK | Bitgnostic | 4 Mar 2020


  Cash App Logo Cash App Logo   There are plenty of on-ramps these days to buy Bitcoin. When we first heard about this space we were baffled and we let the whole business go. It wasn't until we got into a Stellar Lumens Airdrop that shit got real, real quick!   Enter the off-ramp.   When you get a bit of cryptocurrency in an airdrop the first the you want to do is turn it into cash because that's what you use every day to buy stuff. We had to figure out what to do with our air-dropped goods.   Before we knew it we were heading into the crazy world of cryptocurrency. The wild west. 1997 of the internet all over again. Or 1995 All over again.   1995 was the time that computers began to be subsidized with corporations who figured out that the billboard for their goods was your desktop. Productivity was exactly what the manufacturers of personal computers did not want. They wanted to sell you stuff!  

We are here again.

Cash App Logo Cash App Logo     Coinbase was our first off-ramp and on-ramp. It was nice to be able to send $50 of Stellar Lumens to a wallet address and then to send that converted XLM into $USD (with a fee of course). Then when we sent that $USD to our Throw away credit union account and it showed up! The shit got very real!!! Cash App Customized Free Debit Card with Special "Boosts!" Cash App Customized Free Debit Card with Special "Boosts!"    We were hooked into the Great Crypto Wall of Definance. We will discuss later different aspects of our mistakes in future posts but for now let's just say that we did a lot of stupid trades and we played into the hands of the strong exchanges.  

What's an on ramp?

  Cash App Customized Free Debit Card Cash App Customized Free Debit Card   On on-ramp is what gets you into the cryptocurrency space. It's how you convert your hard earned fiat into cryptocurrency. Within seconds of your first buy you realize that you are now the most brilliant trader in the world. You realize that you can really make money in the dips and peaks. You think that you have got this and then you realize that you can turn $100 dollars after 25 trades into $15.35. Man, you are good. Cash App Customized Free Debit Card Cash App Customized Free Debit Card   In order to get this you need to get into this and make some mistakes.  Learning from others is a great way to avoid those mistakes and you can make your own new mistakes.  Cash App send or receive funds using the Android or Apple apps Cash App send or receive funds using the Android or Apple apps
One mistake we did was we sent $2.00 USD of Stellar XLM to another account and we forgot to put in the memo.  We lost $2.00. It still pisses us off.  So we learned from it. So be it.   So an on-ramp is a place to buy cryptocurrency and better yet it is an on-ramp to buy the big king Daddy(Mamma?) Bitcoin.   If you are going to get into the cryptocurrency space we are going to recommend that you just learn about Bitcoin first. Why? Because this is the first successful project and all other coins are compared to this one.    Pay using the Cash App Debit Card Pay using the Cash App Debit Card   We have bought $BTC (Bitcoin) from, Coinbase, Uphold, and we've stuck our toes in many other spots.  The fees were absolutely terrible.  We've even looked into the vending machine at a grocery store from Coinstar.  As a retail investor we are the stupidest investor there is. We know this, but we also know that we want to play anyway and we want to learn without getting our asses handed to us.  

Cash App is the winner and it's for winners

  After all of our research we happened to hear about Cash App on a podcast. We downloaded it and we did a little research. Cash App is owned by SquareJack Dorsey of Twitter owns Square. IF you have eaten at any small business restaurant in the last 5 years and you saw an iPad as the  Point of Sale you've used the Square system to pay for your meal or goods.  

Cash App has some very good qualities:

1. A free debit card that you can order personalized (even with a bitcoin logo) 2. An account that you can deposit directly from a bank or pay via direct deposit. 3. A very cool personalized handle like Twitter that you can get paid with 4. You can load up your card with cool bonus things like $1.00 off any coffee chop that is immediately given upon use. 5. You can invest in very small amount in some stocks that are very popular. Buy Bitcoin at Reliable Market Prices with the Cash App Buy Bitcoin at Reliable Market Prices with the Cash App 6. You can invest in Bitcoin!!!! You can also buy Bitcoin with fees that are 50% less than all the above on-ramps mentioned. No only this but the market price is the price that you will purchase your bitcoin with. 7. Cash App is fast!   Number 6 is the very important part. We found one day that a NOT TO BE NAMED SERVICE THAT WE LOVE started offering credit card purchases of Bitcoin.  We checked it out in real time against Cash App and found (GULP) that the price of $BTC was $500 USD higher than Cash App. We were shocked.  We also compared to COinbase and found the $BTC price was $200 more on Coinbase and the fees were twice that of Cash App.   We love Coinbase but we don't want to invest in their exchange we want to invest in our definance!


Cash App is the best on-ramp. It is cheap. It is handy. It is fast. At our workshops we recommend the new cryptopenuer to start with Cash App. We recommend you do this too! We are not financial advisors so please due your own research. Once you finish your research come back here and use this code: QGKQDWX We will get $5 and so will you just for signing up.  


Our workshop that is normally $1200 can be paid via Cash App and we will take $300 USD off because we know you are serious! Just send the CODE in your Memo: 1200-300=900   Scan to Pay ($Bitgnostic) Bitgnostic LLC for $1200 workshop with Memo: 1200-300=900 Scan to Pay ($Bitgnostic) Bitgnostic LLC for $1200 workshop with Memo: 1200-300=900 Full Disclosure: Cash App is NOT Paying us to advertise at this time. We are of course hoping that you join us in its use because we feel that it is a great way to get into the Bitcoin space and also enjoy banking or unbanking yourself. The links that are advertisements are just referral links and we hope you use them so that you and we can get $5 for adopting this service.

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