Wanna Bet? Don't Bet On Betfury

By BellBlogs | Bitformation | 16 Sep 2021

Betfury. A crypto casino like any other?


In some ways yes, in some ways no. There's two main draws to Betfury... For the beginner and / or the simply curious, there's a faucet allowing you to claim BNB and BTC every 20 minutes. If you keep at it you can even withdraw without gambling.


Another big draw, and their selling point for big gamblers, is their BFG Token that is "mined" by wagering. The more BFG you have the more you get a cut of the casino's dividends.



Hold enough BFG tokens and today you'll earn this much for every 100k. Earning starts at 10 tokens.

But what do you have to pay to hit a mammoth sum like the above? Read up more on BFG Staking here, but to mine 100 thousand BFG you will need to wager very close to half a million dollars.

So dividends ain't free. What else is new? Other casinos have different versions of this going across the board - wager X get X. For Faucetpay, it's the same as Betfury except instead of providing you with dividends, your wagers mine FEY, a token they created that has value. Just like BFG, after being wager-mined FEY can also be gambled.

On my casino of choice, BC Game, you earn "EXP", with one EXP being one USD wagered. For clarity, wager does not mean win or lose or withdraw or anything but... well... wager. You can bet a dollar and if that dollar wins a bet and makes you 10$, it will still be 1$ wagered. Wager that 10$ on 1.01x and you'll make a negligible "profit" of a few cents, but you will have wagered another 10.

Anyways, it's no news that the house always wins against bad strategy.

Does the opposite apply? Well that depends on how you frame it. The house doesn't always win against good strategy, but good strategy doesn't always win against the house.

Beyond that, the not all houses have the same rules and results. So take some time choosing the right house [casino] before you buy in. There's no harm in looking around and weighing the pros and cons. Now I'm not normally a dice man, but I'll use dice as the comparison game. Let's play spot the difference.


1% House Edge. Although it's out of frame your bet is by default set to minimum.


2% House Edge. Your bet is by default set to maximum. Hoping for a finger slip much?

So that's my balance on Betfury right now. I'll find a coin on BC Game and match the decimals so we can see how things play out. With CHARTS YAY.

Actually scratch that, Luckyfish, BC Game, Stake, and even Faucetpay have Live Stats charts, but nope on Betfury. - 5 points for taking away my charts.

I get a bad feeling when I play on Betfury. They want you to mine their tokens and to lose your actual crypto. At least BC just wants you to lose playing however you want. I decided the best way to put Betfury under the dice microscope would be to bet on the "95%" win chance and see how that goes. I placed 20 bets. That should mean that on average only one bet would lose out of 20. But nope. Six of them did. Six.

Back to BC. And yay my stats are back. Let's play spot the difference again. First thing to note is that at 95% win chance, your payout is x1.0421 compared to Betfury only paying out x1.0315.


There are tons of other things to note. Statistically I got lucky on BC. But not by that much. Here's the second run:


About what one should expect.

I have a tendency to go overboard with charts, so I'll just break down the further testing. BC Game's results were consistent. So were Betfury's. The longest win streak I got was 11 bets on Betfury. On BC Game it was 39.

But what happens when you flip the odds? Surely if the game isn't rigged, and you can produce consistent loss streaks, changing your bet to 95% chance of losing instead of winning should produce the same results but this time in your favour. I'll run it on both sites and report back with the average.

The average over my testing on Betfury was a whopping 39 losses before a win. Rigged? You decide. BC Game has charts so I'll let the chart do the talking. I let it run much longer, but this one has good illustrative ups and downs, and is a representative sample.


Better odds, better payout, actually consistent results.



So there you have it. Thank you Lord, I'm done wasting my time on dice. BC Game versus Betfury: Vote in the comments.

Sign up for BC Game if you haven't done so yet and get a Lucky Spin for free coins every day.



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Gamble for fun. Do not gamble more than you can afford to lose.

If you or a loved one has a problem with gambling visit https://www.begambleaware.org/



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