Veil - Confidentiality starts here. Overview of the interesting technology

By roland4 | | 24 May 2019


Let's talk about the project

So, friends, let's get down to the interesting project. It is called Veil and this startup integrates the best anonymity technologies in its own way. The internal cryptocurrency intends to become the leading one and at the same time to ensure confidentiality without any compromises. By the way, you can already download the wallet now and use it to store such an amazing cryptocurrency. Where you can buy Veil, I'll tell you later.

Thanks to the Veil project, even the Veil Labs organization has been created, which has a strictly separate budget, including a mission and a team. Their task is to explore other developments, in particular the promotion of cryptography and privacy. Here at the headquarters there is a very large team of professionals, namely cryptographers and developers. It is important not to forget about key partners and advisors, who are also here. Therefore, such a powerful team has taken on the role of solving the critical situation in the blockchain industry itself.

The Veil project is built on a very solid foundation and the key technical differentiators of Veil itself are very special.

Veil is committed to working to ensure total confidentiality without compromises, while allowing its holders to receive awards by betting anonymously.

Blockchain Veil itself is protected by proof of performance and, at the same time, by proof of share in order to combine security and distribution.

Our project is user-centric. Here they will be able to find both advanced wallets with an interesting interface and savings at the time of storage. Veil will provide significant benefits for the masses of people.

And don't forget that the Veil network includes built-in self-financing for project development as well as operations. It also includes customer support, research and development.

The future is very secure as the Veil Labs community continues to work intensively on development and other research while pushing the boundaries of cryptography and blockchain technology itself.


Where can I buy a Veil coin?

Well, first let's talk about the peculiarities of this cryptocurrency:

1. This uses the Proof of Work consensus algorithm, Proof of Stake and the Bitcoin kernel itself.

2. The Zerocoin protocol is used, which in turn is based on the X16R hash function bases, which are much more stable and only improve the decentralization of Veil blockchain.

3. The Veil cryptocurrency itself is divided into two coins, namely Basecoin and the so-called Zerocoin. The only difference is the multiplicity of the Veil coin itself.

4. The wallets use a technology that allows you to reduce the amount of information stored on the disk. The wallet even has a function to store the entire Veil blockchain, which has all the information about transactions.

5. By the way, for storing the full information about blockchain you will receive bonuses from the steaking itself, at the time of redistribution of commission from the transactions themselves.

6. The total supply of coins is limited to 300,000,000 coins. At the time of writing, the issue had reached over 14,240,000 coins.

7. The transaction time between the blocks is 60 seconds, and the Veil mining difficulty correction itself is performed every minute.


Now let's talk briefly about Zerocoin as the main technology.
Let me remind you that after the launch of Veil some vulnerabilities were detected, namely in the library itself. If you didn't know, this library is the basis of implementation of all protocols based on Zerocoin, this also includes Veil itself. After this incident, an update was released, which saves all the characteristics of Zerocoin itself.

There have been a lot of studies and researches on this topic and we came to the conclusion that Zerocoin will be thoroughly replaced and it will happen in 2019.

Veil cryptocurrency is already traded on numerous exchanges, so you can already buy it now for the future. Trading is carried out on the following exchanges: VINEX, TXBIT, Bisq, Graviex, Zolex, STEX, Reflextrader, CITEX and so on.

By the way, most of these exchanges accept deposits in Basecoin.
I hope Vim liked today's crypto currency project, so you can find all official resources below. Remember that investing in blockchain involves risks, so study White Paper. Good luck, everyone, subscribe to my blog.



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