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By roland4 | | 12 May 2019

Mobile communication has become not only a habit, but has also given rise to new mental deviations in society. Very many people have quietly become dependent on their own means of communication. Having forgotten or lost the phone, a person can not find peace until he restores communication with the world of communication that has become familiar to him.
This phenomenon is very successfully used by telecom operators in the development of their tariff plans.
The shift in mass demand for the Internet has generated a rise in the cost of ordinary minutes of conversations, letter messages by means of the operator, the so-called sms have acquired a rarity value. Gigabytes of the Internet are the basis of any traffic and tariff plan.
Competition in the market between capital-intensive mobile operators still creates problems for their users and customers. There is a difference. When choosing an operator, it is necessary to take into account the coverage area of its network, roaming conditions, in case of long-distance travel. Very often there is a need to have a SIM card of almost all operators, which can be useful in a certain lifestyle or business.


I am grateful that I have to look for new things in the world of modern electronic technology, which makes me find a lot of useful information that I share with you.
This is how I found a revolutionary solution in the world of modern mobile communications.
We are meeting:
Miracle Telecom


What is the revolutionary nature of this project? The organizers of this communication idea connected the business model of mobile communication organization with the use of existing material resources of mobile systems and blockchain technology.
And here's what they suggested to the public.
Technologically, the leaders of the mobile communication market and the Internet on its basis, are forced to create a reserve capacity, which in fact is never used. As soon as the company is ready to use this reserve, it has to create additional reserves.
Miracle Tele offers developed and well-off mobile systems to lease unused capacity, or as it is called in the digital world, to buy back its use.
In other words, Miracle does not burden itself with property and does not bear the operating costs associated with technical issues.
This immediately makes the cost of the service very low. At the same time, the coverage area of the new network must exceed the area of competing giants. The same method makes it possible to exclude from the practice of such a network marazma as roaming. Since Miracle Tele uses the capacities of various companies, which are in strong competition with each other, it seems to create a zone of reconciliation for its customers, when the subscriber ceases to feel attachment to any famous label.

Using blockchain technology makes Miracle even more attractive. Not only can the issued TELE coin be used in payments for services rendered, but users are offered a unique opportunity to become co-owners of the network. Miracle offers up to 40% of its profit in the form of rewards for possession of passive coins, thus creating an investment base for the company.


I caught on to my interest and installed it on my mobile app, which is available in Play Market. Installation was free, but there was an incident with the captcha at the registration and I have not yet tested the proposed functionality.
But my interest in this is unusually high to this proposal and communication and participation in the game part of the project blockchain. That's why I'm going to analyze and cover my experience of interaction with Miracle Tele.

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