Crypto Market Ads is a decentralized platform for advertising and marketing

By roland4 | | 1 Jun 2019


Let's talk about the project

Well, friends, like in the best tradition, are the best on my blog. Today we have the Crypto Market Ads project as a guest. I'll tell you more about it, but first about the problems that exist in the market.

We see the following picture, that many sites in every possible way prohibit the advertising of crypto startups. Not surprisingly, there is now a decline in the ICO market. Previously, during 2017, there was a huge hippe and fundraisers reached their maximum goals instantly. But now this is not the case, as many well-known online publications prohibit such advertising. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of fraudulent projects. Today's project is a so-called IEO program. This method of fundraising is more transparent and it is more trusted by users, as well as the exchanges themselves.

The following reasons why advertising has become partially closed are related to the price, as advertising is extremely expensive for such events.

A worthy solution appeared on the market, namely a decentralized and at the same time democratic platform for crypto projects. The site will serve as a marketing and advertising platform.

It is a free market where everyone will find something to do. A short summary of the main advantages of Crypto Market Ads:

1. Possibility to sign on the forums themselves
2. It also includes social channels
3. The following are ICO websites and lists
4. You can also include a newsletter
5. Marketing and blockchain services
6. Search for advisors for your project


This ecosystem will have a very high demand for crypto advertising and marketing, so a large number of known exchanges will support huge volumes of trading.


Briefly, the benefits for advertisers and publishers alike

Advertising and marketing services are available for advertisers, and for any budget. Also, it is protection of all transactions from fraud.

For publishers will be available the lowest commission and fastest payments at the same time.

IEO program details

The token wears a CDA marker and you can buy it now for $0.005.
The IEO program will be held on the IDAX exchange.

The token will be used as a single payment in the domestic market of Crypto Market Ads.
The token will also provide access to unique services.
The token will also be necessary for advertisers to be able to pay for advertising and services and to participate in pre-sales.

Briefly about the distribution:
Total offer - 10 000 000 000 000 CMA
For sale, 50% is allocated
For the exchange itself and the reserve 20%
For marketing and referral system 10%
For the founders 10%.
For a team of 10%.


Official resources

Website -
White paper -
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Telegram -
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