Colletrix - Decentralized intellectual property protection

By roland4 | | 17 May 2019


The advanced relationship universe has long since ceased to be the same. Fresh tools that change almost all our everyday processes are appearing and developing more and more often. Try to remember the first time when society started using electricity, cars, TV, radio and the Internet. In addition, twenty years ago, no one could even think that almost everyone in the pocket would have a small device, a palm-sized, easy to talk to each other, no matter how far away. All this has become available thanks to the wonders of engineering and other technical breakthroughs and discoveries.
The commodity industry was no exception to this process. Almost all of you are likely to have already felt the pleasant moment of using online stores, with the support of which it is possible to purchase various goods without leaving their daily comfort zone.


Naturally, like every other area in our lives, it has both flattering and negative factors, revealing which it is possible to understand what needs to be removed in order to avoid similar problems in the future. We all know that there is a huge variety of brands in the world. Any one of them owns its own copyright and is the original in all its own endeavors. But to their disappointment they do not always manage to track all those copies and replicas that are sold to the same consumer audience, but at a different cost and with a completely different level of quality. It is impossible to fight with them in the classical format, because no centralized system is able to distinguish the original from its copy.
To solve this dilemma is a very entertaining project, the key task of which is made in the union of all technological tools and functions, with the support of which, society will finally be able to get access to true goods of high quality from around the world.


The project we're going to talk to you about today is Colletrix. As you have already taken into account the fundamental development that made it possible to implement the idea of the project, it is blockchain technology.

With its support, the creators are going to revolutionize the market for true products. But in order to achieve this, the creators decided that they do not need only one internal token of their own. As a result, the project team decided to make two separate tokens, using the same blockchain, but two standards, ERC-721 and ERC-20.

As for the ERC-721 (NFT) token, its key task is to create a unique alliance of products with IP. This method is designed to integrate dilapidated financial methods with the latest cutting-edge technologies, as well as to make the newest and strongest business model of true products. Any IP will be supported by its own NFT token, which in turn will allow to make an indefinite resolution to any single product, any owner. In this case, all IP owners will accept a reliable confidence in the protection of their rights. All of them will be connected by a single joint network block chain and will be supported by the world-famous smart contract system owned by Ethereum.




If we talk about the other side of the project, it is also rich in other connections, due to which different groups of people will be able to connect within the platform: collectors, merchandisers, IP owners, crypto-enthusiasts and other users of the network. For all system Colletrix has made a number of tempting functions and superiority on means of which they will manage not only to receive virtuous true products, but also other fees for own influences. In this way Colletrix forms certainly fresh mutually advantageous business model which will expand abilities of already out-of-date classical system of economy.
Moreover, the Colletrix ecosystem will significantly expand the meaning and probable outstanding qualities for all IP owners, and will also give them the auxiliary abilities allowing to protect license fees in their own hands. For merchandiser Colletrix will open access to the various goods and other digital assets at the expense of what they will be able to open completely personal talent and experience of management of products. Actually that concerns collectors and they will accept to use the original tool within which frameworks will be able to expand personal assortment of products on any, even the most refined taste.


Considering another internal token of the CIPX system, created according to the ERC-20 standard, it is possible to declare absolutely precisely that its role is of the highest importance, because it is particularly honored to play the role of a means of purchase and sale for all internal goods within the Colletrix framework. And also to take part in transactions to acquire NFT. In principle, to indicate that the number of CIPX tokens is limited, in total they will be released 10 billion, of which only 700 million will be available for public sales. The initial price of 1CIPX is 0.01 USD.



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