Bitcoin complexity at maximum

Bitcoin complexity at maximum

By roland4 | | 2 Jun 2019


Over the past 24 hours, the complexity of Bitcoin mining has risen to a new high. Thus, the previous record high, recorded in October 2018, was overcome.

According to analysts, the increase in the complexity of mining signals the rapid positive price changes in the cryptocurrency market. The complexity of Bitcoin mining increased by 11.26% to 7.46 tons. Prior to that, the peak was recorded on October 4 of last year at the level of 7.45 T, and then it began to fall again.

Based on the data of the pool, analysts predict that within the next two weeks the mining difficulty will increase by almost 10% to 8.18 T. Hashemite Bitcoin should also reach a new record in the near future.

The activation of miners proves the fact that the Bitcoin network at the moment demonstrates maximum security. The hashtag jump coincided with the rally of the main cryptocurrency, which we saw in the first half of this week.

However, already in the second half of the week the exchange rate of Bitcoin has subsided significantly, while the hash rate still remains high. On the night of Saturday, June 1, the BTC rate was $8470, although only last Thursday the coin briefly broke through the shock mark of $9000.

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