Will ETHEREUM ever overtakes BITCOIN? Let's see together...🥇🔍

Hi guys! Today an interesting article about the rivalry between Bitcoin and Ethereum! 

Bitcoin's price performance over the last year has seen it grow by 300% compared to 1000% for Ethereum certainly a growth that could convince many as to whether Ethereum could overtake Bitcoin. But, of course, they are not exactly comparable numbers: Ethereum's $2,500 with 300 billion market cap is not enough to overcome Bitcoin's current $40,000 with 700 billion market cap.

If we look at the future, Ethereum has some points in its favour against one, still in the hands of Bitcoin, most likely the most important; let's see them together:

Ethereum has been able to develop other markets over time, thanks to the emergence of Virtual Machines, such as smart contracts. And, moreover, the explosion of interest in tokenization, the creation of a DeFi (decentralized finance) and the new expanding market of NFTs are just some of the foundations on which Ethereum's development in the crypto and fintech context can be built.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, gave birth to the whole crypto world and retains its hegemony even after so many years and not only that and it is still the most accepted payment medium by companies: PayPal, Tesla and other companies chose Bitcoin before other cryptos, probably because of its popularity. And finally, trivially, weherever there are cryptos, there is Bitcoin!

Nakamoto's crypto retains a wealth of ideals that paved the way for the entire peer-to-peer market of decentralisation and disintermediation. Moreover, Bitcoin represents the revolutionary icon of the entire crypto movement, from which Ethereum and all other altcoins and tokens were born.

That said, seeing Ethereum overtake Bitcoin in the future may not be a reality, but in the crypto world we all know how nothing is ever a certainty!
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