TWITTER CEO vs ELON MUSK: whole community is AGAINST HIM!🤬

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Elon Musk, for much of the first half of the year, was the focus of attention for the entire BTC community for his thorny and provocative tweets, but the mood soured further when Tesla, at Musk's behest, sold some of its funds in BTC and then shook the market by expressing concerns about the grid's dependence on high-emission energy.

Elon's latest tweet, as well as once again being a provocation to Bitcoin, however, came after a bitter argument with Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, who was promoting an event called "The B Word" - aimed at educating organisations on how to "embrace bitcoin" - via his Twitter profile:

Musk didn't stop there, however. As the ire continued to build, he unleashed another barb on Twitter, writing:

Preston Pysh refers to the carbon credits that the US provides to companies that promote and implement green policies; according to some, if Musk had supported Bitcoin being 'not green', the Tesla CEO would have lost this bonus. This is maybe the reason for Musk's fury towards Bitcoin.

WARTIME L HODL refers to the most important mineral for battery production, the beating heart of all the cars produced by Musk's leading electric car company. It is now well known that the mineral, which is widespread in some regions of Africa, is mined by local populations, often including women, the elderly, the sick and children, who are managed by corruption due to poverty. Most of the time, it seems, large companies, even knowing this sad fact, do not care how cobalt is mined. 

Lark Davis comments on Musk's tweet with a dig at Musk and his approach to the world of crypto, specifically Bitcoin.

Stock Lizard King, on the other hand, has decided to approach it as Musk often does, plain and brazen, straight to the point and in no uncertain terms.

Has Musk realised that by doing this he is setting himself against the whole community and that this will probably reflect on him in the future?
Let me know! Bye! 👋

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