Keep Your Transactions Safe - How to Earn Bitcoin on the Signal App

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The Signal App is becoming a popular way to keep your conversations safe. Signal encrypts your messages and data to keep it safe. And thanks to Bitcoin and Blockonomics, now you can sell goods and services safely and securely on the Signal App. Signal’s encryptions combined with Blockonomics’ Direct to Wallet transactions and no KYC requirement keeps your sales secure and anonymous. Read below to find out how, or check out the video here:


1.Prepare your good or service for sale.
Figure out what you’re going to sell, is it a product or service? After that, figure out where you’re going to sell it. Maybe make a group with potential clients? Join a group where selling stuff is accepted? Find people on other services, and conduct the transaction on Signal? There’s lots of ways to do it.


Once that’s set, get your product ready. Take a picture of your product, describe your service. Then you’re ready to create your payment URL.

2.Create the Payment URL with Blockonomics.
The next step is to create the Bitcoin payment URL. For more detailed instructions, please see this article.

Head over to the Blockonomics website. Create an account, and link your API key as shown in the article above. Then go to payment Buttons/ URL. You can fill in all the info there, and what you need from the customer.


Then click on Generate URL, and copy that URL.


3.Send the link in Signal
Once the URL has been made and copied, paste it into Signal, and send the message off to your customers.



The customers will then be able to click the link and pay you, and you can then give them the product or service. And because Signal is encrypted, and Blockonomics requires no KYC, everything is safe, secure, and anonymous. Its that easy to get paid in Bitcoin!

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