How to restore wallet into Electrum Segwit in 5 Easy Steps

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Below are five easy steps to import your blockchain wallet into Electrum. Make sure to have Electrum downloaded from the official site

Step 1


Create a Standard Wallet.

Step 2


Click on I already have a seed. We'll use your Blockchain seed

Step 3

Blockchain wallet seed can be obtained from Security Center > Backup Phrase


Enter the 12 word seed and make sure select BIP39 seed by clicking on Options

Step 4


Wallet type should be p2pkh. For derivation path see below:

If you have multiple wallets in Settings> Wallets and Addresses, please refer below on what to set as derivation path

  • My Bitcoin Wallet(which is the first wallet created) will have derivation path as m/44'/0'/0'
  • The second wallet will have derivation path as m/44'/0'/1'
  • The third wallet will have derivation path as m/44'/0'/2'

Blockchain wallet derivation path

Blockchain wallet derivation path.

Step 5


Choose a password for security. Note that this has relation to the blockchain wallet password.

Done! Your wallet is now recovered. Enjoy truly being your own bank !

Step 6 (Optional)

The existing base unit in electrum is mBTC which is confusing

Goto Tools > Preferences and set Base Unit as BTC. You can also set the explorer to



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