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By scorpiongrace | bitcoinonly | 30 Aug 2020

All weekend bitcoins were traded in the range of $9200-$9400. Buying activity slightly increased during the trading session that started on Monday, but it is clearly not enough to push the first crypto to $10,000. Nevertheless, in the morning BTC managed to overcome an important resistance zone of $9400, now the next resistance level is $9500. The first support is at $9200. At the same time, technical indicators indicate a bullish momentum - RSI is moving into the overbought zone, MACD is also showing a bullish momentum.


The market of altokoin from the top-100 by capitalization continues to trade in the red zone. The best dynamics are shown by SwissBorg (+17.64%) and DigiByte (+23.49%). The first one is expected to grow due to the project review recently released on YouTube channel Crypto Busy. The leaders are Compound (-21.56%) and Verge (-6.17%). The first one is corrected after the price rise on the background of the news that Compaund has outperformed Maker's main competitor in terms of assets and has become the largest DeFi project.


The crypto market capitalization is $269 billion and the bitcoin dominance level is 64.7%.


BIP - $0.0036 (+7.72%)

Bitcoin - $9436.39 (+0.78%)

Ethereum - $236.00 (+2.12%)

Tether - $0.998768 (-0.43%)

XRP - $0.187135 (-0.29%)

Bitcoin Cash - $236.07 (+1.33%)

Bitcoin SV - $175.11 (+0.78%)

Litecoin - $43.58 (+0.61%)

Binance Coin - $16.25 (+1.09%)

EOS - $2.54 (+0.47%)

Crypto․com Coin - $0.122110 (+2.06%)



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