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What is the registration on the OKEX market. First of all, it is an exchange with a good reputation from the top exchanges. It offers very good liquidity and a very large amount of tokens at your disposal. Importantly, support is also available almost immediately in the chat. The exchange offers a total of $ 80 rewards after registration, including a $ 10 bonus for purchasing cryptocurrencies for a minimum of $ 100. Further prizes are in the form of commission discount cards. On OKEX you can also earn Bitcoin daily for free! You just need to complete your daily learning missions in the mobile app. Click on 5 pages and stay on them for 60 seconds to get free Bitcoins from the tap every day (satoshi because you know how much is 1 btc;)). Personally, I have withdrawn several times for 10 thousand. Satoshi, which is about $ 5- $ 6 depending on the BTC rate. (Previously, free Bitcoin also functioned via the website. Currently only in the mobile application, which is very readable by the way)
It is also worth installing the pc application. Its interface is the same as the website.
Every Friday week, if we trade, we get Happy Friday lottery tickets. I haven't managed to win here yet. For this, the exchange also shares the fees received with users in proportion to the turnover. There are also events of all kinds, in which lotteries are often made available. In these, I have won $ 52 and $ 15 respectively. All, although with a slight delay, were paid out 😊 (look on screenshot in ilustration)
BUT! The platform also has a demo account! Thanks to this, you can learn how the OKEX exchange works and get to know all the mechanisms without investing your own funds, which is especially interesting when we do not have too much idea how to trade on this exchange.
There is also a treat for more experienced players, which, for example, does not offer Binance, which consists in the possibility of placing two positions at the same time - LONG and SHORT on one pair.
Step-by-step registration: By clicking on the link you will be taken to the OKEX page showing the prizes you can win.
We enter your email address.
We indicate the selected password, of course, in accordance with the password rules, i.e. a sufficient number of characters as well as their diversity. We will receive an e-mail message with a 6-digit verification code, which we can copy from the message and paste into the frame that pops up during registration.
Another window will pop up asking if you want to buy cryptocurrencies or make a deposit in cryptocurrencies.
We go to our account by clicking on the figure in the upper right corner and go to the account security. We set 2FA, i.e. we secure the account with a goggle authenticator. We download the application from gogle play or from the apps store. (the operation is very simple. We scan the QR code and from now on it will generate a password that we will enter when logging in)
We choose individual verification. You do not have to do it, however, many interesting competitions organized by OKEX require this verification. In addition, once you are verified, it can be useful to regain access to your account in the event of a complete loss of login credentials.
The account is ready for use.
I recommend!


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