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What the world looked like last time BTC hit $40k

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 4 Dec 2023

Bitcoin has just hit $40k for the first time since 2022, and the world looked different back then.

One of the major differences was Covid. Back in April 2022, Covid was still a thing in several countries, with restrictions and rules still in place.

For example, there was a blanket US travel ban on non-American unvaccinated people.

Another thing was the Ukraine war, which back then was just getting started.

In April 2022, we were also treated to a new chapter of two engaging sagas.

Elon Musk finalised the Twitter acquisition, and the media couldn't stop talking about the Depp v Heard trial.

Then we had Coachella, the 64th Grammy Awards, a Tornado in the US and Wrestlemania 38.

Based on your opinion, and perception, is the world a better or worse place now compared to then?

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