What is Socios.com and what are the 5 most valuable tokens on the platform?

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 3 Feb 2022

The first thing I want to say about Socios.com is that it utilises Chiliz (CHZ) as its currency, and I'm extremely bullish on CHZ. But I guess that's an entirely different conversation. Socios.com is a platform that allows sports fans to take part in games and contests, win prizes and have a say in their favourite sports team decisions with blockchain technology.

It allows you how to buy, sell, trade so-called 'fan tokens', which are ERC-20 utility tokens that represent the club or team of your choice. There are several categories (football/soccer, gaming, MMA, motorsports, basketball, cricket, football/American football, tennis, ice hockey, etc...) and at the time of writing, there are over 70 tokens you can trade and most of them are represent major football clubs (AC Milan, FC Barcelona, FC Inter Milan, Manchester City, PSG, etc).

I personally own FC Porto (which I'm staking on Binance), FC Santos, and AS Monaco. I used to own Racing Club tokens as well but I sold them and that, by the way, is the best possible assist (see what I did there?) to mention ICO - Initial Coin Offering, another feature of the app, which allows you to buy tokens at a pre-fixed price before they're available for trading.

The most valuable fan token available is PSG (Paris Saint-Germain), which is currently worth 79.77 Chiliz (CHZ) or $14.33 (at the time of writing). The second most valuable token is CITY (Manchester City), worth 52.71 CHZ ($9.52), followed in third place by INTER (FC Internazionale Milano) at 38.25 CHZ ($6.86), BAR (FC Barcelona), worth 34.14 CHZ ($6.13) in fourth place and lastly, JUV (FC Juventus) in fifth place, worth 33.69 CHZ ($6.07).

Socios.com took its inspiration from Pokemon Go and indeed 24 hours, you can use a Pokemon Go-style feature to 'capture' tokens. In theory, you can find any token, but in reality so far I've found over 2,500 Socios.com SSU tokens, which are essentially worthless (for now) and only 1 CHZ. I'd happily provide you with a referral link to get some free stuff if I had one but for some reason Socios.com hasn't thought of that yet. However, you can also buy (and stake) some tokens on Binance. Hopefully more will be added soon.

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