What is Moss Carbon Credit (MC02) and why I’m bullish on it

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 12 Dec 2021

Moss Carbon Credit (MC02) is a token designed to represent, as the name suggests, a project that serves a sole purpose: Earth preservation.

This is hugely important, and I say that with absolute neutrality. This is not a political statement, what I personally think of this is irrelevant, there’s an ongoing global shift, and therefore a growing market.

MC02 sales help provide financial resources for environmental projects and this is something a lot of people, entities, institutions and companies are interested in. Whether they actually believe in it or whether they do it, let’s say, for marketing purposes, is actually beside the point.

MC02 isn ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, their Whitepaper is available on their website, MC02 is tradable on Coinbase.

I’ve crossposted this article on my wordpress blog, bitcoinea.

full disclosure: I own 1 MC20 at the time of writing

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