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New Launchpool drops on Binance

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 8 Feb 2024

Launchpools are an easy, low-maintenance way of receiving free tokens with something akin to an airdrops.

I find Binance's launchpools to be pretty easy to join, and you can do it with BNB or FDUSD.

Here's how you do it, you can either buy BNB or FDUSD on Binance or deposit any currency to Binance from wherever else you want.

If you choose the latter option, you then need to convert said currency or token to BNB or FDUSD via the Binance app and go to the 'Pro', not the 'Lite', version of Binance.

From the homepage, select launchpad, and select Launchpad, select your pool, FDUSD or BNB, and hit 'Stake'.

Rewards will be deposited after the end of the campaign.

The latest token is Pixel, which can be attained ahead of the listing.

According to Binance, Pixels (PIXEL) is a Web3 social game built on the Ronin network.

There have been three private sales ahead of the Launchpool. The first batch was sold at $0.005 per token, the second batch was $0.009 per token and the third one was $0.012 per token.

The token will be listed on Binance on February 19.

The lead image for this story was created by the Bitcoinea team with AI

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