I was bored so I created my own token

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 14 Jan 2023

I was bored so I created my own token.

Obviously, since it wouldn't have made sense to invest money into something I don't expect to make money from, something I just did for fun, I used the Fantom network.

I was briefly considering using the Ethereum network but couldn't justify spending a lot on gas fees and the Fantom network is obviously much cheaper.

Unfortunately, the picture I used for the token isn't showing on my Metamask, not sure why, but then again it didn't show for other tokens (including Statera), so I'm not too worried.

So about the token. It's called 'Beograd', ticker symbol $SRB.

Fixed supply, 68.34 million.

If anyone volunteers, I'd be happy to send some tokens over, transactions are obviously free and the token is obviously worth zero.

You can find the contract address here.

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