I damn nearly fell victim to a phishing scam, the key word is “damn nearly”

I damn nearly fell victim to a phishing scam, the key word is “damn nearly”

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 6 Dec 2021

Okay, technically that’s two words. It all started when I signed up to a well-known exchange and failed KYC. Which made me a little angry because I’ve used the same exact data and ID for a dozen exchanges and this one is the only one that failed.

So I tried the built-in support channel within the app but it was a bit s**t because it was just a bot. So I went on FB and messaged what I thought was the official page, that was my first mistake, for which in fairness, I partly blame FB, because they should really check these things more thoroughly.

Anyway, the person who replied had bad English, but I sort of expected that, and then they asked for my user ID, which I provided, and that was my second mistake.

Then they asked if I was also on Binance, which made me realise I was being scammed. The bad news is there’s nothing I could do to undo the mistakes I’d already made by providing my user ID, but the good news is my account was empty, so there was nothing to steal, and of course I didn’t provide my Binance ID or anything else. All of my accounts are protected by a multitude of email addresses, all of them are bound to 2FA and text messages and touch ID, and I change my passwords frequently, so I don’t expect any particular issues going forward.

I’m trying to convince myself that the reason why I was so naive is that I was aware I was discussing an account that was empty, and that didn’t even contain my personal information yet. But I still feel like an idiot. And rightly so. Always, always be mindful.

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