How to earn $10 worth of Optimism on Coinbase

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 5 Dec 2023

Coinbase learn-to-earn quests have mostly moved to the wallet.

The latest quest gives you the opportunity to earn $10 worth of Optimism (OP) and learn something about one of (many) unexplored use cases for NFTs.


There's a platform called that allows you to mint NFT versions of a song.

By doing this, you earn access to this song in perpetuity. But, more importantly, you can purchase certain songs and earn royalties whenever they're being played, which is brilliant.

Songs from famous artists, including Justin Bieber, are also available.

For the quest, you need a small amount of Optimism ETH in your wallet to cover the fees. Five songs were available, each priced at 0.000777 ($1.69) plus fees, so all in all I paid $2.


That's it, pretty much. All you have to do is pick a song, buy it with Optimism ETH, sign the transaction, and you get $10 worth of OP, which in my case was $8 minus what I paid for the song.


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