Crypto: What is Akash Supercloud, a decentralised supercloud service

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 12 Apr 2024

If you managed to keep up with Coinbase's bulls**t latest KYC requirement, you'll have probably seen the latest learn & earn thingy, a new crypto-based supercloud called Akash.

Akash is an open-source cloud service, and it has its own token called AKT.


A supercloud is essentially a massive cloud that incorporates all clouds and allows you to access all of them at the same time (Amazon Web Services, Google, etc) when needed.

Akash is permissionless and decentralised, which means no one individual entity can control the whole thing.

The thing is, almost every internet application we use every day, from Spotify to YouTube and ChatGPT, runs on the cloud.


A cloud includes storage, obviously, but a lot more besides.

Akash encapsulates all of the above.

It can be used from anywhere, and because it fosters competition, it lowers the price of the service.


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