Would you still come to Publish0x if there are no free tips?

By bitcoindelight | bitcoindelight | 25 May 2020

That is my question:

Would you still come to Publish0x if there are no free tips?


I was hyped about one week of 30% higher rewards due to Publish0x has reached 100k viewers. Especially after I experienced the 30% higher rewards event back in February (?). I was instantly able to notice that the number of posts went up significantly as a lot of people tried to publish 'something' to earn a few tips. 

I wasn't really able to come up with a creative article...so I probably missed out a little bit. I guess you can't force yourself to be creative. But I didn't stop reading some of the trending articles although I was able to tell that people continuously published articles below their usual quality. Another interesting thing I noticed that a lot of articles didn't get much tips either and just by number of views of my own two articles I published on Monday last week I assume they haven't stayed long enough that people might have noticed. 

Hopefully, there will be notifications sent out to followers here on Publish0x soon when you publish a new article.

However, wondering about the quality of some articles, I would like to hear if you would still come here if there are no free tips anymore? I reckon this is the motivation for a majority of daily visitors. Do they pay attention to the content....I think maybe just the trending articles get attention.

Leave me a comment if you like. 

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