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Ignore Yellen, Government Officials Will Be Forced To Buy Bitcoin

By bitcoin2009 | bitcoin2009 | 20 Jan 2021

Bitcoin Sells Off on Bearish Sentiment, Yellen Worries - If you sold because of the Yellen news, you really need to do more research. Bitcoin is apolitical & cannot be regulated - it operates on it's own terms. If the people want Bitcoin, they'll get it. Also, if you ban it, people will just want it more. They can try to surveillance the chain, but eventually more people will learn better privacy techniques. Governments are playing a game they've already lost. People will seek both Bitcoin & privacy because it is the safest option for their future (Most just can't see that yet). As government becomes more authoritarian & corrupt around the world, more people will see the injustice in plain sight.

When they say they're worried that Bitcoin will be used by criminals, they are merely fearing the loss of tax revenue & power. This corrupt dinosaur system is on it's way out - we're entering a fourth turning (good book). One where the younger generation takes a stand for their future. Myself & many others can see the injustice & we're all going to fight for it using Bitcoin. I heard someone say the other day (can't remember who); "Bitcoin's greatest risk is apathy" To me this doesn't sound logical. Yes - the average person is time poor; they lack the basic understanding of money & know next to nothing about Bitcoin. If they taught everyone exactly how money worked in school, the scam would have ended years ago.

Why I think people will care about Bitcoin: I think there is enough assertive people in society to start calling government out for their actions. There will be enough smart individuals who will ignite a new trend. It will be as simple as - "Why are you using dollars? you're being robbed - use Bitcoin". Like the internet, people have no clue how any of it works; but do they feel the power at their finger tips? yes! Bitcoin is power to the individual - humanity has never had this. 

As people noticeably see & feel their lives getting worse, more people will question government & the money. As the Bitcoin price continues to go up, more people will find good content online. This social movement cannot be stopped. You think taxes are high. You aren't accounting for all the hidden ones. You aren't compounding it all over a lifetime. You aren't getting nowhere near the value for your government protection services - in fact quiet the opposite. The theft is massive & needs to change. It will change - Bitcoin.

Government is yet to understand Bitcoin's game theory & economic incentives. They will be incentivized to ditch their own system. If they don't, they will lose their wealth status. Normal people are the majority & the ones most disadvantaged - every new Bitcoin-woke person will dump their dollars then tell at least 10 other people to do the same. You aint seen nothing yet.

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