Bitcoin's Price Appreciation Spells Loss Of Faith In Fiat ($€¥)

Bitcoin's Price Appreciation Spells Loss Of Faith In Fiat ($€¥)

By bitcoin2009 | bitcoin2009 | 23 Nov 2020

Bitcoin is 'here to stay' thanks to huge demand from millennials, BlackRock's Rick Rieder says - As I millennial, my first ever thought of the financial system: "taxes seem too damn high" . Growing up, I constantly questioned my parents & debated friends about it. My parents always said "just accept it, everyone has to pay them". I always calculated the amount of tax money & could never see it's value. When I first found Bitcoin; many people would say "tax is theft". It definitely felt that way, however there was still this thought in the back of my mind, "surely it benefits the good of the people". After tax time, they send you the breakdown in the mail, why would they lie? 

Truth is: there's many other forms of tax under many different names. When you realize the extent of all this, it forces you to ask the next question; why do we even pay taxes when they have the ability to siphon our back pocket at their own leisure. The next question you'll likely ask yourself (took me years), why am I using this shit - Bitcoin fixes all of it. Bitcoin is the hardest money on Earth. I wouldn't put ETH or any alt in this category, but you'll have to figure that out for yourself. Many people are blind-sided by Bitcoin's speed & it's fees; they wholeheartedly believe there's a better alt out there. It is slow & expensive because it is the most robust & the least incorruptible. The Lightning Network allows you to have the speed & the cheap fees, while harnessing the best security. 

The more time I spend in the Bitcoin space, the more my understanding grows. To this day, I continue to see new layers & depths. I'm constantly hungry for more information; the more I read, the more obvious Bitcoin becomes. I'm now at the point where I can see the outright deception governments have placed on their citizens; they have a wall pulled over everyone's eyes. The lack of transparency is insidious; it's like they're betting the majority are too stupid & will never figure it out. If they're are knowingly operating on a fraudulent system - I say - "how are they not malicious?" We really need to prove them wrong. No one will want to live a world they are planning on creating. This is why Bitcoin exists - it's a saving grace for humanity. 

Bitcoin made me question everything about money. I constantly put Fiat & Bitcoin side-by-side. It frustrates me when the average person puts Bitcoin in a negative light; when it has the ability to improve everyone's life on a whole new level. In order to see it, like a Bitcoiner, you have to commit a decent amount of time. I promise, you will see it with enough time & research. Taxes are the tip of the iceberg - you're only seeing 1/10th of the theft. 

Inflation is an exponentially-damaging-hidden-tax. As a close estimate, lets assume inflation is 10% per year (the money has expanded much more this year); meaning every year your dollar buys 10% less; meaning your savings lose 10% buying power (bet you didn't get that back in interest or as a wage increase). Over time this compounds negatively, your chances of having what you've always wanted becomes harder & harder to get. Not technology - this is getting cheaper, however it is stealing your job prospects & reducing your hours. You have to work more in order to get the same lifestyle. The going rate for a machine is the cost of providing electricity to it & in some cases now free due to solar/wind etc. It's easy to see how this trend will only continue. 

Millennials are more disadvantaged financially, however having grown up around computers, we're are somewhat blessed with the exposure of technology. Yes our social lives & dating have completely changed; however I'm positive we will adapt. We have a fresh set of eyes & are primed to understand the disruptive nature of the Internet, We are primed to understand Bitcoin. The internet is driving fundamentally-brand-new innovation; it is pushing the limits of our curiosity. Nerds are the cool kids on the block; tech empires are basically ruling the world. Bitcoin disrupts the biggest industry by far - the entire financial system. Bitcoin makes the most sense to millennials; they will no doubt choose it over gold every. single. time. It is a far more pragmatic approach in a digital age. Gold is corrupted by the people who brought you Fiat. 

Gen X/Y & boomers are very slowly waking up. They've been heavily disadvantaged; they were born in the midst of the greatest pyramid & ponzi scheme history has ever seen - there was no Internet or Bitcoin to assist them. They were brainwashed & institutionalized by the system. They too, are starting to feel the injustice. Their kids are showing them a different path. Slowly, then all at once the market is going to react to this. We're closing in on ATH; the fees are still cheap & google trends for "buy bitcoin" haven't even moved. I'd say the mainstream has barely caught on to the fact the Bitcoin is primed for it's next historic move. The higher the Bitcoin price goes, the more people that will wake up. 

Bitcoin is immune to all the reasons the financial system is on life support. Bitcoin incentivizes savings & honest hard work; it gives it's hodlers a much brighter future. Fiat incentivizes spending & debt; it negatively effects your future & your children's. Over time Fiat trends to zero, there is no stopping this. Most people complain about 'the system', yet believe they are powerless to change it. Bitcoin is the tool to opt out. It is the tool to enact real change on an individual level.

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