Bitcoin Isn't Speculation, The Dollar Is Going To Zero.

By bitcoin2009 | bitcoin2009 | 19 Feb 2021

Yellen says investors should be very careful with some sectors, calls bitcoin ‘highly speculative - Fiat currencies in general have lost 99% of their value since inception - All this loss of value has been drained into government spending at their discretion - wars, drug lords, terrorism. Bitcoin is the most ethical money available. If you're against it, you're anti-human rights. The real criminals are in plain sight - Yellen, Largade, Mnuchin etc. Bitcoin is truth, these individuals clearly don't care about you.  Inflation destroys savings, economies & societies. The wealth concentration of the 1% is no secret. The evaporation of the middles class is no secret. We operate our financial lives under a pyramid scheme. Bitcoin is economically designed to make it's holders wealthier over time - the complete opposite of any government-issued currency. Bitcoin is only inflationary to 21m, however it's constantly deflationary due to it's finite scarcity. The dollar is backed by political promises. Bitcoin is backed by an entire network of people who want to improve it. What could be better than a currency backed by the people? Everyone controls it, but no one does. Anyone can vote on changes to the code; anyone can submit new proposals. 

In order to change anything in Bitcoin your require 90% consensus from nodes & miners. The network is incredibly distributed & it's becoming more decentralized by the day. It is the most robust network on this planet & it cannot be stopped. If the government could have killed it, they definitely would have by now. You have a small group of corrupt individuals in government dictating the policy & distribution of money. Money that affects you & your family. Your entire future is at their fingertips. If one of them gets the urge to buy a Ferrari, that's less money to the citizens. The Cantillion Effect; basically all the money created flows to the 1% elite. Understand money, understand Bitcoin - you'll jump in a heartbeat.

When I first got into Bitcoin I saw it as a digital gold; a hedge to inflation. Elon Musk is currently in early stages of understanding it's value. Michael Saylor - CEO Micro-strategy, more advanced. When it clicks in Elon's mind, he will dump every last dollar for Bitcoin. Michael Saylor has completely converted & it's creating debt at 0% interest just to stack more - he gets it. Saylor has found the loophole. A person who gets it can see it from many angles; I think I can see most of them, either way I constantly strive to see more. The main ones for me are: 

-How quickly the dollar will see a hyper-inflationary event; How quickly Bitcoin will see a hyperbitcoinization event.

-Understanding how abundant fiat is; Understanding how scarce Bitcoin actually is - far less than advertised; .

-Understanding how fragile fiat is; understand how robust Bitcoin is.

-Understand how much tax you're really paying when you account for debt, inflation, bailouts, stimulus, interest rates, QE etc & then compounding it over a lifetime. Once you see it you'll be angry & probably throw up.

-Understanding the economical & game theory incentives of Bitcoin - when you buy Bitcoin you buy a fixed position of the global network, imagine this playing out on a global stage. The more people who understand, the more the FOMO builds. We are standing at the bottom of Mt. Everest & the sky isn't even the limit. 

-Understand how it is currently the most superior form of money & how it will swallow anything that stands in it's way. Bitcoin was economically-engineered to increase in buying power forever. Over 1000 trillion dollars = 1 quadrillion dollars will eventually jump to the best form of money.

There's many many more benefits but protection against inflation is just scratching the surface. Every single person is empowered by this technology.  Even if they never buy any & get paid in it one day, their lives are better post central banking era because they'll no longer be modern day slaves. NO ONE should be angry about Bitcoin. If you want a decent share of the pie, you better not ponder too long. Even if you just acquire roughly 280k sats or 0.002BTC (7.5B people divided by 21m) you've got the smallest share per person. Anything higher than this & your immediately ahead of anyone who has not yet bought. Even if you gave everyone on the planet an equal share, individuals would still find a way to get rich. The difference with Bitcoin: everyone getting off zero sats is on a level playing field. You start with zero dollars, you're constantly beaten down by the money printer. If you start on the poverty line, it's near impossible to break it. Yellen & every politician who support this fiat monetary system should be imprisoned. Yes they can't fix it, but they could definitely print money more equally & end this draconian taxation (why tax if you can just print it). Tax is theft on it's own, nothing should be forced. The fact they have the audacity to then print whatever they want behind your back (at your expense) should be made illegal. Anything they say in the media should be censored. Bitcoin should be advertised as a priority. 

These politicians continue to put Bitcoin in a negative light, we need to call them out on their lies & deception. I continue to harp in this blog I know; I'm not going to stop. Bitcoin/internet is free-speech technology. Each one of these articles are getting individually SEO tagged in google. Slowly I will cover more ground in the searches. I want the average person stacking sats before the billionaire-elite catch on.

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