What is Ambrosus AMB?

By Ulu_Olcayto | Bitcoin Vs Altcoin | 7 Oct 2019


Ambrosus is a supply chain solutions company focusing on food and pharmaceuticals using blockchain technology. Using the convenience that Blockchain brings to our lives, Ambrosus aims to provide not only monitoring solutions to monitor the status of goods, data processing, applications and even a commodity market, but also various sensors such as quality control.The Ambrosus network is a block chain-based ecosystem for supply chains and ensures the supply, quality, compatibility and proper use of network monitoring components. Ambrosus’s primary focus is on improving supply chains for vital products, especially food and pharmaceuticals, although the protocol can be applied to almost any complex supply chain. So far, supply chain data has been processed in large data silos. This is an expensive, slow and difficult to manage process when multiple companies need access to data.Production companies today have data silos where data is stored in local databases and excel sheets. This method is extremely expensive and cumbersome for cross-organizational data usage. Process analysis, compliance with new regulations, etc. Using Ambrosus technology, Ambrosus aims to streamline the entire supply chain process and make it accessible to anyone who needs it.

AMB Coin Highlights

Ambrosus approved the meeting with Nestle and Migros (Swiss market chain).

While the market largely ignored the ECB, agreements were made with Trek Therapeutics (pharmaceutical company) and Biofarm AG (meat testing company).

The Ambrosus team has a team with connections and reassurance with key people who speak to the Swiss Government, the United Nations, Nestle and other major players.

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Bitcoin Vs Altcoin
Bitcoin Vs Altcoin

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