Remove Splinters with Homeopathy >>> Must Read

First of all guys I wanna say sorry to my followers about my absence because of my daughter's abdominal disorders and usually to solve that great issue I moved to homeopathy. Yup I got good results. Later in my another blog I will definitely share with you all on Publish0x about how to cure parasites or intestinal worms of all kinds.  

My focus here is to tell you guys that If There is Something Pricking & Disturbing in the Teeth of your pets i.e. cats, dogs, hamsters then it is safe to use homeopathy rather than a surgery and guys it would sound really amazing for you all when you listen from me that during the practice when I was with my senior he got news that his nephew got  a serious accident when something struck to his car in which the windshield or car front glass broke and the broken pieces of the glass pierced into his face and neck a little more injuries were also found. He was taken to the Hospital, the surgeons wanted to have an immediate surgery but that boy urged them to call his uncle, my senior. He believed in homeopathy and when Sir Yaqoob Khan came, he suggested Silicea in 1m dose. He took the medicine after half of an hour the surgeons were shocked to see that the little splinters were throwing themselves back from his body. 

It works the best if we use it for the innocent animals so here I suggest one more thing if you have kitty or dog has something in his teeth which is very disturbing and you have to take him to the vet at this time you can easily use one or two doses of silicea or another medicine is Silica, he was unable to chew and swallow anything, I applied only 1 dose of Silicea in 200 potency then in the evening the knife-like bone of chicken was out of his teeth and gums and he was able to chew again I think you also follow this because there are many times when you don't have enough time to take your Kitty, your dog to the back at this time solution of works the best because only one dose without any force or urging will save your animal from the risk of surgery. And remember it is also great for us. 

Tell your child not to panic if he/ she has any splinter of glass, wood or any other thing in his/her finger, these two medicines work the best to take that object out very easily. No tweezers is needed, no running, no bleeding.



          Stay Safe. Stay Happy.

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Bitcoin Top Exchanges... Frightful (Juki/News)
Bitcoin Top Exchanges... Frightful (Juki/News)

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