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I think two days earlier from now I posted about my missing kitty Cooki!, thanks for your pray he came back. But I was shocked to see that he became very lean and lethargic not because he was out of home but later we found out in the  morning that he has jaundice. Yap cats also have jaundice. You know very well that we people mostly keep furry animals so the appearance cannot show from ear flaps, or eyes etc any sign of yellow pigmentation on kitties. So be careful if they are furry then keep keen eye on their pee. If you will avoid here then it would prove fatal for your loved ones. the example is here.

This pee, if it is the color of turmeric then kitty/ cat has the clear sign of jaundice in 1st stage. They quit eating and try to be isolated in a very safe place on their own.

cooki! during jaundice

I first of all gave him Chelidonium, this is a homeopathic remedy to treat fatty lever (i will later post another post about what is fatty lever in animals). he was better and played a little bit after the evening. Early the next morning Cooki! demanded something to eat, I offered him smashed chicken which he did not like after having one bite. Then he ate a chew-able bone of chicken when I was busy in my work. Now hard time stated as he could not digest it and got cramps in stomach and lever pain increased. He got down and spent the whole day and night in pain and also suffered with dysentery. Then I gave him 1 dose of lycopodium clavatum 30 then after an hour 1 dose in some water of Nux Vomica. Then in the midnight he was started to heal and again showed some interest in playing.

Match the condition of your kitty with my cooki! .

Day-1      He found a lonely place.
Day-2      Quit eating.
Day-3      Became indifferent with us and was in fever too.
Day-4     He left home and returned after 24 hrs.
Day-6     Slept the whole day in a wet place but was a little better as we forcefully gave him medicine for fever.

        At night my daughter told me that he peed turmeric color pee. A great sign to start the right treatment.

Now he is better as he mewed and demanded food. I gave him boiled, fresh mashed chicken. He demanded it after 24 hrs. He loved to sleep with us. 

I tried to upload his video but there isn't any option, tomorrow I will try again.

My Cooki! with us again


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Bitcoin Top Exchanges... Frightful (Juki/News)

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