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            ANKR CRYPTO MASSIVE BREAKOUT INCOMING IF Bitcoin Recovers above $50k again! Which why would we go back up to $50k just to go further to the downside. Short answer we won't. ANKR is sitting at a nice point if you bought in at 9 cents as 11 cents is a bit much to pay unless we have a confirmed BTC recovery! Ankr has a huge future ahead of it and will succeed as long as the community sticks with it no matter the fud! Ankr to the Moon! If you hold Ankr show YouTube you stand with me and hit the like button from your whole families phones and your friends at different houses so the channel blows up and YouTube starts showing everyone my videos.


On our Bitcoin Renegades road to 100k YouTube subscribers we will be giving away thousands of dollars in crypto to our loyal community as well as our new subscribers. Just use both gleam contests to be entered in to win at 1k subs and this one for 100k subs to giveaway $6,000 in crypto .1 BTC 1 ETH and 500 Cardano paid by sponsors(not yet determined) of the Bitcoin Renegade channel!!


If you want to support the channel and help me make better videos by getting better equipment then you can support it through my Bitcoin wallet! please send Bitcoin if you can help the AT channel or subscribe, view and if your feeling generous hit the like!! Thanks a bunch I knew I could count on you!! 



Join my patreon for Altcoin Moonshot gems before they blow up! Also to help the channel grow and donate for my community giveaways so I can put more money into the videos.


Telegram group to join the community and earn free crypto.

Instagram Renegade0264

twitter/ @Renegade0264


Disclaimer; For entertainment purposes only not financial advice at all and always do your own research before investing your money into Cryptocurrencies of any kind you can lose money if you don't understand what the market is doing

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