The Cub of the Lion.

What is CUB.Finance, and why am I Bullish on it?

By Ham | Bitcoin & Altcoins | 19 Mar 2021

Since the dawn of the crash of 2018, many altcoins have arisen in a vain attempt to dethrone the king of all cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin.

Of those cryptos that have arisen, a very special category has recently emerged that has gained significant traction for it's glamorous offers, Decentralized Finance, said DeFi. DeFi can be thought of, and even be likened to, the traditional bank you are currently holding your FIAT in, providing all the banking instruments such as exchanging currencies, savings-like accounts and such. But instead of it being centralized, it is instead based on ETH's blockchain technology!

But there is a caveat with those. Though their exchange rates and savings' APY rates seem promising and lucrative, the same cannot be said about their security and the risk involved in depositing your money into any of these. 

So, which DeFi is the best?

Enter CUB.Finance!


CUB.Finance, as you may or may not have derived from it's name, is a mere descendant of the lion in the den, LeoFinance, a blockchain social media platform that specializes in bringing Crypto-related articles and content, all powered by the platform's very own currency: Leo Token, which has seen parabolic rise in price and adoption in the last few months.

CUB.Finance is powered upon this technology. It is based entirely upon a tried-and-true system that is promising and risk free in both bringing seamless utility and security through blockchain interoperability, empowered by Binance Smart Chain, which is often touted around the community as being the future of the crypto industry. Much of the leg work is over right out of the box, and, while this might seem as another vapid project in a sea of its own galore, the long-term goal for this project is to foster a far-reaching community wider than what it has accrued with its initial launch of LeoFinance, rather than yet another platform upon which you can gain some yield on your capital. It is, therefore, here to stay for the as long as it predecessor has, and potentially will outlive its roots as well. 

That is not to say that you should chuck your money in it in a blink, at least not just yet. Though it is backed by the reputable, it is still in its infant stages. And a good indicator of it's adoption remains to be the price of it. At press time, it sits at a comfortable $3.419, and several users of the community have reported spotless transactions and high yields.

Personally? I'm bullish, which is a rare, and quite frankly weird, for me to see, considering my hostility towards those shady DeFi projects. But what sold me entirely is it's focus not on short-term gains, farming and yielding, but it's clever forward-thinking long-term goal of making the community the pillar that holds it in the air. Verily, the power of the community cannot be overestimated!

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