The FaucetPay Hack, and What it Means to Gamblers

By Ham | Bitcoin & Altcoins | 16 Mar 2021

The Cryptocurrency gambling scene, especially concerning BTC as the powering currency, is a vastly experimental landscape. It has no set shape or form upon which many websites thrive or decline, it's constantly changing. But one constant that has set the precedent for many casinos to come is still up and running full-power and full-throttle progressing ahead.

The recent unfortunate hack of FaucetHub/FaucetPay, a hybrid website dedicated to pooling faucet earnings as well as housing several unique gambling games, has left a power vacuum to be filled by a lot of other websites. Due to improper storage of coins, it has left a glaring hole behind its backbone, leading hackers to embezzle _at least_ $600,000!!! I don't know about you, but that's a hell of a lot of coins to lose! In addition, it has eroded the trust of many of its userbase, leading to the question: What is the best, reputable website that's future proof to any kind of hack, but does not compromise my abilities to gamble?

Perhaps the biggest space-taker of this gaping vacuum is! Established in 2013, it is the king that has yet to be dethroned. And let me tell you, it's LOADED with lots of opportunities to earn, including a provably fair HI-LO game as well as a weekly lottery, a monthly wagering contest with prizes extending up to thousands of dollars in BTC, a faucet with the chance to win up to $200, a betting section of the most popular and trending events such as the 4-yearly presidential election, Grammy awards candidates and sporting events galore!

And to top it all off, it has the strongest and most resilient community of all the gambling websites out there, top notch support (not that you'll contact support often, but just in case it matters to you), and an impressive Alexa ranking!

So, sign up now and start racking up those satoshis!

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