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If you've been following me, you might be aware that I desire every candidates in the congressional class of 2022 be orange pilled. I believe if they read what I read, watch what I watch, and listen to what I listen to - they will choose the orange pill and go down the rabbit hole.

My first goal is to get them to read or listen to the Bitcoin White Paper. Yes, like me they probably won't fully understand it but I am convinced that something will click and they will desire to want to know more. While I am not a Bitcoin Maximalist - I will only focus on Bitcoin with the candidates. Some of the news might contain other assets from time to time but it will remain primarily focused on Bitcoin. 

Since there will be a lot of news about Bitcoin and Politics as the primary season kicks off, I thought it would be a fun project to create this blog. To set expectations, I am not the best writer in the world. I am not trying to adhere to journalistic standards or compete with other popular publications. I simply want to share what I am seeing and what I have come across in my daily news curation. So if you are the kind of person that want to be in the know about the mid-term elections and how the candidates view Bitcoin, you will want to keep your eyes posted on this blog. 

If you desire to get notified when I post, text Politicians to (214) 380-2013 and you will get notified via text once I release the blog. My goal is to do a daily curation but depending on the news, it might be sporadic. 

My next post will be an article will be about the Texas Primary that took place last month. As a result of the vast database I am building, I noticed some very interesting things about that race and the upcoming run-off next month. 

Lastly, since I am building a very exhaustive database of information, if you want access to it or want specific information reach out and connect with me on any of the platforms below: 

Twitter: @_CryptoCurator

Instagram: @_CryptoCurator

Telegram: @TheCryptoCurator

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulmcneal/

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I've been aware of Bitcoin since 2011 and my desire is that you will be better informed about the digital asset industry by reading my daily post. If you want to sign up for SMS alerts - text CRYPTO to +1 (214) 380-2013.

Bitcoin & Politics
Bitcoin & Politics

A daily brief about events happening in the world of Politics around the globe as it pertains primarily to Bitcoin.

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