By 5espectro | BITCOIN NOTICES 2020 | 19 Apr 2020

1- Claymore’s Dual Miner

Claymore Dual Miner Interface

Claymore's Dual Miner was created for altcoins based on the Dagger Hashimoto (Ethash) algorithm. It is possible to simultaneously mine Ethereum and any of the six algorithms: Decred, Siacoin, Lbry, Pascal, Blake2s, Keccak, with almost no loss of hashrate on Ether. Claymore has options available for Equihash and Cryptonight.

Claymore was the first program to implement the double mining feature, in which a piece of equipment can mine using several algorithms at the same time. The software was designed for video card mining. It supports simultaneous mining on AMD and NVIDIA.

This mining program is not completely free: every hour, for two minutes, the utility automatically switches to mining in the developer's portfolio.

Click here to download Claymore’s Dual Miner !


2- MinerGate

MinerGate interface

The MinerGate service is a platform for combined cryptocurrency mining. The platform added support not only to Bitcoin, but also to a large number of altcoins, including, among others, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Dash, Monero, Bytecoin, FantomCoin, QuazarCoin, Aeon coin, MonetaVerde.

The user needs to register on the official website, using an email address and creating a password. You must download the necessary program only after registration is complete for the software to work. The website provides a list of all current versions, from which the user can choose the most suitable one.


Click here to download MinerGate


3- PhoenixMiner

PhoenixMiner interface

PhoenixMiner is similar to Claymore, but is faster on the Ethash algorithm (ETH, ETC, Muiscoin, EXP, UBQ, etc.). The program supports AMD and Nvidia video cards. It works on Windows x64 and Linux x64. The software has a developer commission rate of 0.65% - every 90 minutes 35 seconds are spent mining in a developer's portfolio. (this cannot be disabled).

The program relies heavily on video cards and other equipment, and the developer notifies you of this in the instructions. You can download the program from the official branch on the Bitcointalk website.

Click here to download PhoenixMiner

4- EthMiner

EthMiner interface

EthMiner is a utility created specifically for Ethereum. Works with green and red graphic accelerators. The creation of the program was motivated by the desire of miners to obtain adequate profitability for mining GPU ethers.

The configuration of EthMiner does not differ from that of any other program. The working parameters are defined by editing the .bat file. You can mine all altcoins that run on Ethash, not just ETH. Download EthMiner from the GitHub website.


Click here to start mining in EthMiner


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